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Feb 16th '12

I think it's a sweet notion and no heritage wouldn't be a deciding factor for me, however, honestly I don't care for the name. It's your LO though so it only matters that you guys will love it and can see her happy with it as an adult.

Tina Lorraine Due August 14 (girl); Japan 2 posts
Mar 9th '13

I love the name Carmella. We decided to name our daughter Carmella after my grandma Carmen. I am looking for another child by the name & spelling Carmella. I make children CD's and accidentally made 2 extra CD's. if you want them please email me and I will mail them to you for FREE.

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Mar 10th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting MissHolly:</b>" So my husband and I are both of Irish-German heritage and he really wants to name our baby (if we have ... [snip!] ... away) What are your thoughts about the name and the idea of the name coming from a different heritage? Should it matter? "</blockquote>

Maybe as a middle name....def not a first name.

Excited for mommyhood! Due June 13; Bakersfield, California 54 posts
Mar 10th '13

it doesn't matter (: I think its totally breaking a mold "oh that's a Mexican name" it doesn't matter as long as you love it, people will probably ask you if you have any Mexican/Spanish in you but by the time she grows up I think a lot more people will be doing the same thing! I love it! good luck.