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Jul 21st '08
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Jul 21st '08
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Jul 21st '08
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Jul 24th '08

Im 24 weeks pregnant and my husband isnt as interested in me as he used to be. I understand that sex during pregnancy isnt his fantasy so I have been making up for his needs and providing him with oral sex. Is swallowing safe to do while pregnant. I know there is protien in his semen, but what else. If the baby gets everything I put into my body, is it safe to swallow?

12Patrick 5 kids; Oneida, Wisconsin 11 posts
Jul 25th '08
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Aug 2nd '08

yeah i kinda cursed 2 sorry!!:oops:

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Aug 11th '08
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Aug 11th '08
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Aug 14th '08

Got a question... this may seem weird but just have to know! Is sex after the baby weird and painful or is it the same as before I have heard that some women get looser down there is this true or a myth???

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Sep 16th '08
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Sep 17th '08

thank you , we appreciate your effort

mrsvincent87 Tell City, Indiana 3 posts
Sep 24th '08

:? Hi I'm only 11 weeks pregnant but i had a couple of questions that im to embarrassed to ask my doctor. Are there any positions that are not suggested for pregnant woman to participate in? And is there any type of sexual activity that pregnant women should avoid, for example, my husband has been talking about wanting to try something different, hes... been talking about wanting to try anal sex, im not sure about it, i always thought it was kinda wrong but im not saying that people who do are wrong, i dunno..... but would that be dangerous or is it safe to try?

Mason Micheal's Mommy! California 10 posts
Sep 26th '08

I was having sex with my boyfriend the other day && i was scared that it was to "Rough" for the baby. What do I do?
is it ok? or is it a problem i really need help because I don't see my doctor till Monday for my first time && i'm already 4 months. I need so advise be4 than!

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Sep 26th '08
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Oct 7th '08

Tanks 4 your advice ^_^