How to help dilate your cervix? Jennymomof3 Due February 13 (girl); Oregon 149 posts
Feb 8th '12

First pregnancy- at 41 weeks I had no dilation, no thinning, nothing! I was induced.
second pregnancy- went into labor 39 weeks 1 day only dilated to 2cm was in labor for 2 days still only 2cm dilated, I think I was... 75% thinned? But still wound up being induced.

THIS baby Went into(I think...) labor 38 weeks 6 days (I am 39 weeks 1 day now)
I was having contractions every 5 minutes and I was in "back labor" 30 minutes later contractions 4-5 minutes, I was 0cm dilated, not thinned out at all, and my baby was "way up there" 2 hours later with them making me walk the entire time contractions are 2-3 minutes apart 1cm dilated, and "still pretty thick" but my baby had came all the way down and turned (she was sideways) I fell asleep in between contractions for 30 minutes, got up and started walking again, contractions are now 1 1/2 minutes - 2 minutes apart.

anyways I was there for 13 hours they did not check me before sending me home, but my contractions tampered off, and my doctor said all this pain was because she was turning and getting into position and my body is just getting ready for the big day, he said it happens a lot, and that it's "just a pain... literately for you! haha" the recommendations was to go home and walk A LOT, and have lots of sex but "I highly recommend sex" and hubby was told to stimulate my nipples and "pet me" lmao!

my doctor said he will absolutely not do anything to help labor along this time because she had been breached and sideways till just now, and her heart rate keeps going between 100-110, and he just doesn't want to stress her out.

went grocery shopping, contractions were 5 minutes apart and painful, had sex last night and went on a long walk, contractions still 5 minutes apart, I snuggled with my kids and fell asleep and woke up this morning just feeling like complete poo. my doctor was so sure I would have been back last night. But now I am just having a lot of back and hip pain, I feel very sore, I am still having contractions but their like 8 minutes apart and not painful.

I'm afraid I can't dilate on my own! with my first I was full blown induced and with my second I could only get myself to 2cm and was in labor for 2 days and they gave me a "wif" of pitocin to help me dilate, but this time my doctor WILL NOT help me at all. The nurse told me not the be discouraged because every pregnancy is different.

sorry this is so long but I need help! I am miserable.

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Feb 8th '12


Good luck mama.. hope things get moving for you soon.

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Feb 8th '12

Red raspberry leaf (must be leaf) tea can help soften cervix, as can primrose oil. I used the primrose oil capsules and put two in my vagina at night.