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Feb 6th '12

If you are behind talk to them. You may also be able to get a deferment, hoping that is right word, due to fiances.

momof2cali 2 kids; Roseville, California 1423 posts
Feb 6th '12

Look, take it from me;
I HAD my wages garnished which led into a downward spiral of me losing my job.
-I tried to appeal and get a hearing, but they denied me (ACS - the creditor), I was making about $900/biweekly, they took out about $230 PER check, now mind you, I was paying out over a grand a month in daycare, SO that being said, got behind in daycare until finally they said, nope kids can't come here anymore until you pay, I took a personal leave of absence from work for a few weeks, when I returned they fired me. Stopped garnishing my wages, but then took 4 grand of my tax return the following year. Now mind you i was completely immature, I hadn't made a payment in literally 5 years! Ignored them. So once it GETS to wage garnishment, there is VERY little they can do for you. But you CAN request a hearing; go to court, show your case. Once you're given the wage garnishment papers, usually comes in a big folder and on the first page has your company of employment's name on it, it'll say how much they anticipate to garnish.

momof2cali 2 kids; Roseville, California 1423 posts
Feb 6th '12
Quoting Jesus Gods:" I've never heard of them ever garnishing wages...and my step-dad has been paying them back (late and defaulted and everything) for over 20 years."

Well, because he was PAYING on it, is the reason he didn't get garnished OR tax return offset.
Yes it can happen.

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Feb 6th '12

Sorry it took so long to reply, it was a post and run.

Basically I haven't paid on my loans in about 2 1/2 years.

I want to make payments and do have a thing set up with one of the loan places. DH and I are switching roles. He's going to stay home and I'm going to work.

If I get something set up and make payments, will they refrain from garnishing my wages?

They did not take any of our tax return this year.