Ozzy Walker Due February 2; 1 child; Charleston, West Virginia 7 posts
May 20th '12

that's a cute name. And before people criticize her and the baby's name it's spelled different for a reason and just because she is young and pregnant doesn't mean she's a wh**e. Look up the definition of a wh**e before you start using it. Good Luck with your baby. Congrats.!

Teenmommy24 Due November 3; 1 child; North Carolina 16 posts
May 20th '12
Quoting Dakota ♥:" Whoreschool? because she's 15? I'm gonna say probley 70% of the girls on this site got pregnant at 15 ... [snip!] ... 15 or 16. Just because she spelt her babys names different doesnt mean you have the right to be a b***h and call her a wh**e."

I TOTALLY Adgree! People Spell Their Children Names The Way THEY Choose To N NO One Opion Matters Sweetie! Your Gna B A GREAT Mom N Let All These Negative People GO.. Pay Them NO Mind They Cme N Go.. Message Me Anytime Im ALWAYS Here For A Shoulder To Lean On<3

t r i s h a . Due July 26 (boy); 2 kids; Gotham, NH, United States 2168 posts
May 21st '12

This fight has been over for a while now, no one cares about it anymore.
Move on.

Ella longclaws 1 child; Portage La Prairie, Manitoba 67 posts
May 23rd '12

hi, i'm danielle & i just turned 16 & i'm due june 18 :)
oh & i'm with my babysdad :)

** 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Conway, Arkansas 3579 posts
May 24th '12

Wow maybe the rest of you should go back to highschool since you're acting like you're in it. She is introducing herself Jesus

juniors mommy Maryland 12 posts
May 25th '12

Last time I checked, she can name her daughter whatever she wants and my personal opinion I think the name is adorable, and its not about spelling its called being unique! So therefore go somewhere and leave the girl alone. And she is deffinately NOT a wh**e. So go somewhere with your life! I wish you the best of luck and I think you'll be a great mother <3 Don't listen to these a*****es babydoll!

Gosloving 1 child; Washington 12831 posts
May 28th '12

Let this post die, PLEASE!

ericka10 1 child; Florida 3 posts
May 28th '12
Quoting ayleen's Mommy (::" im 15 and expecting a little girl on june 5th (: ayleen maydelin <3 Any other single and young parents /parents to be?:D"

hii my name is Ericka nd im 15. i just had a baby girl on december 23..congrats!!

Mariah Stephens Due October 30; New York 8 posts
Jun 3rd '12

I don't understand why people are so worried about how she spells HER DAUGHTER'S name. It's a very pretty name! And don't worry about what others thin. Thought mothers would be more mature about their opinion.. apparently I was wrong.

Lexie4673 Due December 12; North Carolina 96 posts
Jul 9th '12

I think the names is very pretty. (:
I want to name mine either Ruth Ann or Shaley Beth

ciara2212 Due July 16 (girl); Japan 51 posts
Jul 10th '12
Quoting ayleen's Mommy (::" its funny how ya'll are talking shit about my daughters name! like cmon! GROW UP!! & wow a diffrent name! its not ya'lls kid its mine! its not like you have to live with it!"

Congratulations I just had my baby girl last week(:

I got pregnant when I was 14 and had her at 15.

Ignore the ones talking crap bout the name. It is cute and unique(:
Alot of the girls on here were saying stuff about my name i picked to Persiah Paige.
Well good luck don't hesitate to message me if you ever want to talk(: