cramping at 25 weeks Ben & Miley's Mommy 2 kids; Louisiana 619 posts
Apr 11th '08

i am 25 weeks pregnant and i have been cramping on and off this morning... they almost feel like period cramps. i have no bleeding and my baby is still moving like normal.... i dont want to over reaxt and run to the hospital but its starting to hurt worse.... any suggestions... im going to try a warm bath and see if that helps any

*| INKED UP MOMMY |* Due December 25; 4 kids; 2 angel babies; Middletown, OH, United States 6972 posts
Apr 11th '08

try the warm bath but all it is is your uterus streching

mrslittleskaterkid 3 kids; Missouri 9990 posts
Apr 11th '08
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Coast Guard Baby {JAS 08} 1 child; Kittery, Maine 1450 posts
Apr 11th '08

I started getting pain somewhat like that yesterday. Mine was less like menstrual cramping and more like a pain you get in your side after running a mile. But I just took an easy yesterday and they're gone today. I'm pretty sure it was just muscles stretching and ligament pain. The baby kept moving the whole time, so I didn't worry. I'd just take an easy and relax as much as possible. Good luck!

Katie Twa Oklahoma 18 posts
Apr 11th '08

I've had the same problems! I started having contractions on Easter night at 24 weeks and was in and out of L&D for about 3 weeks. They put me on bedrest for over a week and told me to drink at least 12 glasses of water/day! I've found now that if I 'm up for too long I'll start cramping, so when it starts, lay down with a pillows under your head and knees and just relax for 30 mins or so. Also I've found that not drinking enough water kicks them off too, be sure to count your water and consciously drink tons of it!! Then also try to reduce your stress level, I've found that if I get really worried or stressed about something the cramps will come back. We're just reaching the point where we have to take it easier! We're carrying a lot of extra weight and the baby is putting a lot of strain on our heart and kidneys! For once, it's time to sit back and relaz Momma! Let your husband help you with heavy chores!! I'm 27 weeks now and have cut work back to less than part time and am resting a lot every day and am feeling so much better now! Good luck!!

Ben & Miley's Mommy 2 kids; Louisiana 619 posts
Apr 11th '08

thanks everyone... i took a warm bath and it helped a lil and now im going to lay doen for ahilw and see if that helps...

Morgan M. Sears Due February 9; Trinity, North Carolina 95 posts
Oct 29th '11

I am having the same thing... I just woke up with it, I try moving around drinking water.. I feel her kick or move, but it hurts is my problem... It's the weekend it's hard reaching my doctor.. I am a single mom and first child, so I don't know what I am looking at half of the time...

Haileigh Elizabeth Bennet Murrells Inlet, South Carolina 52 posts
Nov 3rd '12

I have had this really badly through out my entire pregnancy and the best thing to do for it is to just keep really well hydrated, drink alot of water throughout the day :)