one day period then spotting ♥ Monkey & Sour Pat 17 kids; Fremont, California 4355 posts
Jan 28th '12


Is it possible to have a one day period? I got really heavy bleeding two days ago but then yesterday I had no bleeding. I'm not on birth control and its not possible I'm pregnant since my bf is at mct.

Last sex: Jan 1
Last period: January 4,5 and 6th.
Heavy bleeding just for the 26th and then had a tiny bit of spotting. it possible for a one day period? I've never had this happen.I didn't even have any of my normal period symptoms like cramps.

iheartDevin&Hunter 2 kids; Billerica, Massachusetts 931 posts
Jan 28th '12

I think its possible. I have had 2 light day periods on the mirena or no periods at all.