Harry Potter Trivia Question 1/27 Klaus 2 kids; Mississippi 27174 posts
Jan 27th '12


You many only use books, e-books or movies for your answers. If you are found to be cheating, you will be banned from the game and your house will lose ALL of their points.

Do NOT post the answer in here. YOU MUST PM ME THE ANSWER. If you DO post the answer in here or in a PTOT and we find out you will be docked points. Do NOT forget to include what house you are in. PLEASE remember to do this If you don't, then we don't know what house to give the points to. If you do not include your house I will NOT count your the answer and you WILL lose 10 pts for your house once I find out which one you are in. (Even if your house is in your username you still MUST tell me your house. I will not count people who do not put their house in their PM. And you will lose the points.)

You must answer both of the main questions in order to attempt the EC. They are really easy so there is no excuse for not answering them!

Question 1 (300 points each, -150 if incorrect)
What is your favorite scene from either a book or movie and why? Answer must be at least 5 sentences.

Question 2 (300 points each, -150 if incorrect)

What is your favorite secondary character from the series and why?
*Obviously Harry, Ron and Hermione are the main characters. Just to steer clear of the typical responses, choose someone other than Snape, Draco or Neville. Must be at least 5 sentences.

EXTRA CREDIT: 300 points, -150 if incorrect
Where does Harry suspect Hagrid keeps the pieces from his wand?

If you have any questions feel about this please feel free to ask in here or the main trivia thread.

Remember you may ONLY use your books or movies. No internet search engines. We are trusting that you will not cheat.

All the answers will be revealed tomorrow.

There are PTOTs for the houses. You are NOT allowed to talk about the main question's answers.The book name may be discussed, but that is IT.

House PTOTs:

Have fun and GOOD LUCK!