His Dairy Queen 3 kids; 6 angel babies; Edmonton, AB, Canada 3642 posts
Feb 10th '12

wow, tough choice...good luck

Robin Jones-Carpenter Due July 22; 3 kids; Noble, Oklahoma 17 posts
Feb 14th '12

I hope everything is well wih you. I have 3 kids. I had two at the age of 19, having had two abortions prior to my first being born when I was 18. I believe I was 15 and 17? when I had the abortions. It was kind of a forced thing I felt by my abusive bf. Anyhow, I am now pregnant with my 4th baby and am 30 years of age. I have an Associates degree and am working on my Bachelors degree. I own my own in home daycare since I have so many kiddos of my own. (Just a small idea of me :D ) I read most of the posts here and am actually in tears about all you are going through. I hope for you and your family that everything works out. This is a tough decision and it seems like you were asking for advice? I am scared to say too much so as not to sound hateful :( I am not meaning to at all! If it were me at 19, with 4 kids, I would not abort. Hopefully nobody gets mad at me for saying this and it seems maybe you had your mind made up already. Ultimately, it is your decision :) Good luck with everything and I hope you find out soon whats going! Best thoughts going your way!

CXXXXXXVBHSGJ Uruguay 404 posts
Apr 13th '12