Gymboree Rewards/Crazy 8 Alyssa & Ari New Jersey 131 posts
Jan 25th '12

Haha, I know someone on this site is bound to know this -

I used to shop at Crazy 8 all the time and give them my Gymboree Rewards card since they're sister chains. I took a break from shopping there because my moving around took me to a location that didn't have any Crazy 8s. Last month, I bought something at a Crazy 8 store and the lady looked at my like I was stupid and told me they don't do Gymboree Rewards at the Crazy 8 stores. I just wanted to put the points on the card, not redeem anything.

Did this change?

Tamara♥Addison 1 child; Erlanger, Kentucky 11309 posts
Jan 25th '12

Not at ours.I still do it.

Alyssa & Ari New Jersey 131 posts
Jan 25th '12
Quoting Tamara♥Addison:" Not at ours.I still do it."

Hmmm... I think this girl didn't know what she was talking about then... Maybe I'll call their customer service number. Thank you!