[a❤ k&m] 2 kids; Iowa 6968 posts
Jan 23rd '12
Quoting .chele.:" Congrats Auntie!!! Welcome to the World baby Kayne. [My Ryan was a 34'd never guess it.]"

:shock: no I wouldnt!

& thanks mama ! :)
My sisters going to try & BF tomorrow and if latches on and starts to feed he will be going home even sooner.

Prissy & Duece 33 kids; Dallas, Texas 147 posts
Jan 24th '12

Awww CONGRATULATIONS to your sister<3 :)
I can't wait to be an Auntie, August needs to HURRY UP! Haha...
He's soo adorable btw... I hope they're both doing okay! :)

mamas❤ 2 kids; California 9605 posts
Jan 24th '12

Yay! Congrats. I'm sooooooo glad he's okay<3

Love you<3