Cutest baby names ever Mz.futureswirlbabysmom South Carolina 55 posts
Jan 17th '12

Hey ,
So I was wondering what are the cutest baby girl name you ever heard..and may you rank these 1-10
Thanx smooches byeee

Mrs. Potato d**k Madagascar 20356 posts
Jan 17th '12


Ri-mans mommy Louisiana 1854 posts
Jan 17th '12


John Mayer. 2 kids; Modesto, California 21992 posts
Jan 17th '12

The only ones I really like on your list are Aubrey, Jade, and Nicole.

I love Lillian and Olivia.

Bruiser 2 kids; British Columbia 630 posts
Jan 17th '12

my daughters name Molly

KillerMombie 3 kids; Belle Chasse, Louisiana 28282 posts
Jan 17th '12

Not counting my own daughter??

Mmm... I love the name Jacqueline... Not to be confused with Jaclyn. Lol... not that Jaclyn is a bad name or anything, but I LOVE the soft flow of "Jacqueline".

Also Nicolette, Genevieve, and Antoinette.

laura hackman 1 child; Pine Island, Minnesota 57 posts
Jan 17th '12

The only names i like on your list are Aubrey and Jade. Jackie is horrible for a little girl.