Scared Pjs_Angel 16 kids; Herkimer, New York 1 posts
Jan 14th '12

I've only recently found out that I am five weeks pregnant and as much a I would love to have my baby, I am choosing to have an abortion for emotional reason of both keeping it and giving it up for adoption. As sure of my choice as I am, i'm scared that when I have my appointment to get it done that I am going to change my mind and keep it than end up regreting keeping it. What i'm wondering is if anyone else has felt like they've been in my situation or something close to it and what they did?

Sonia Tuckerman 34 kids; Australia 855 posts
Jan 14th '12

I have had a few friends have abortions, and they are comfortable with their choice. The decision is one that you have to live with. (I'm not anti-abortion so don't worry). I think if you look at the pros and cons of both having it, adopting it or aborting it, and think about you in all of those situations. If you could not raise a child at this time in your life, then obviously don't go with having it. But then think, if you carried this child full term, felt kicks and movement etc, would you be able to give he/she up at the end?? If not then abortion is your option. Don't just think it is the only option. Think about you handle tough situations and where you are at in your life. My friends were young, came from single parent families who struggled financially, so for them it was the best decision. I have also got friends who had kids really young, like 16, were kicked out of home for keeping the child and have still managed to succeed, get a degree at uni and live and happy, healthy and stable life. Talk to your family, ask them their opinions. You may not like them, but if they are honest people you can at least get a broad picture. Good luck with your decision. I hope the one you pick is the correct one for you.

khenny1112 Due November 19; Japan 1 posts
Mar 17th '12

I hope that its not too late, but I wanted to let you know that I had an abortion bc i thought I wasn't ready to raise a baby. It was my freshman year in college. When I had the abortion I was relieved only for a little while. Soon after, I was faced with grief and regret, and guilt... as many women that knew were after abortions.
I learned that children are a blessing and a gift, and if I carried the baby full term and gave him or her up for adoption I could have passed on my wonderful blessing to some couple who is in desperation for a child. I am now married and pregnant again, this time its different, I wish I would have kept my first baby bc ive missed her soooooooo much....Words cant express it. If i could go back, i would have sacrificed my life to have my baby, as any mother would. Psalm 34...Psalms 139 Jesus loves you and I have asked of His forgiveness from the depths of my heart and He has saved redeemed and healed me. If you believe in Him, He will help you through whatever you need.

With much love
2nd Chance Mommy