Ella longclaws 1 child; Portage La Prairie, Manitoba 67 posts
Feb 16th '12

im 15 i told my mom thru txt the day after i found out (shes not the parent im scared of)
she told me to tell my dad i called him & told him i cried when i told him
its all going well(:

MommieofTwoooo Due March 21; Maryland 40 posts
Feb 28th '12

I tld my mom when i was about 10 weeks

:3 1 child; St Marys, Georgia 1016 posts
Feb 28th '12

We told our parents as soon as I got the blood test confirmation. :)

nicki4455 Due June 7 (boy); Okanogan, Washington 30 posts
Mar 1st '12

I told my mother over facebook. It was after i went to the doctor the first time and peed on like 5 sticks. I had to make sure i was this time, and i am. Shes just getting the hang that shes gunna be a grandma. :)

Boston&Carters Mom 2 kids; Middleville, Michigan 257 posts
Jan 1st '13

with our first we told my mom right away but I didnt tell my day until 20 weeks cuz I knew if we had a boy (and we did) he would take it better
with this pregnancy (second) we found out about 5 weeks told them mins after my ob confirmed it :)

Zariah♥ Due July 14; 1 child; Bolingbrook, Illinois 761 posts
Jan 2nd '13
Quoting Taty[Team Pink♥]:" I am not planning on telling my mom until after my first appt I will be about 8 weeks when did you guys break the news to your parents?"

A few days after I found out with a HPT.