How to get rid of Mucus in a toddler Tisk Tisk Due June 23; TTC since Jan 2014; California 2874 posts
Jan 13th '12

My 2 year old has a horrible cough and cant seem to cough up the gunk and is gagging on it and at times throwing up. I had the humidifier on all night, gave her warm showers. Any other suggestions on how to get the gunk out of her chest? I was going to try musanex for kids but its not advised until they are at least 4 years.

Nikkisblu 35 kids; Sunrise, FL, United States 855 posts
Jan 13th '12

My ped advised me to give my 2 yr old a tsp of benadryl a day to stop the runny nose and it dries ginny out in no time.

Life is G♡♡d 21 kids; 16468 posts
Jan 13th '12

Saline drops and a suction bulb hun.
That's the only thing my peds ever suggested for my younger kids.