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Apr 8th '08

so Brooklynn has eczema and its actually gotten worse no matter what i do....i put lotion and the gentle naturals baby eczema cream on her and its not helping...doc even gave me a prescription for the eczema on her butt but it didnt work AT ALL
thats her left arm

this is the back of her right leg

and this is her left leg

She Got Her Own 3 kids; Hodges, South Carolina 5813 posts
Apr 8th '08

Poor baby! My 20month has awful eczema also so I would love the advise to. We also have a prescription but the dry weather here makes it so bad she always look dry and she scratches it!

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Apr 8th '08
Zigeunerleben 2 kids; Washington 12801 posts
Apr 8th '08

I use Eucerin cream or vaseline on my son, everything else I've tried for the past 4 years makes him break out more.

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Apr 8th '08

my daughter has really bad eczema i use its called Triple lotion it works really well...its made by the same company that came out with Triple paste for butts

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Apr 8th '08

i swear on everything with zinc in it! its also in baby butt cream!

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Apr 8th '08

My daughter is 4 and had eczema for forever. It seems to be getting better. The meds sometimes take a while to work. Do not use it more. Some medicated lotions could make your skin thin. Also, put vaseline on her legs then put pants, like legging, not jeans. Then, give shorter baths. Water actally dries skin of its oils. She might need to see a dermetalogist. (sp) However, make sure that its dr referred, otherwise, most insurance will not cover the visit.
PS- wash clothes in dreft or all free and clear. Don't let her get too sweaty or her skin too dry.

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Apr 8th '08

My son has suffer with eczema since a baby. My Dr.said only let him bathe every 3 days. Just on the days he doesnt baby wipe his privates and of course wash hands and face. Just when he does bathe make water warm and dont be in for more then a few minutes. I know its hard they want to play. But it has helped a lot. OH WARNING>>>>>> any new moms' with babies with excema use caution near oceans. My son at 2 went into the ocean and the salt water hit his skin and the unbearable screams he let out. WOW thank goodness there was a shower rinser about 50 ft away. Oh and my son has a cream prescribe that works and now he is 6 yrs old and it has gotten a lot better.

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Apr 8th '08

Try Hydraeted Pensulatum sometimes called Hydrolatum. I buy mine at CVS and I sewer by it. My daughter still has eczema real bad and she's 5 we have been using the hydrolatum every day twice a day and then I got a RX for a steriod cream called Triamsimolone(sp) its not to use all the time but to use it for a few days with the other stuff always works for her. Remember no plyester clothing. Cotton only.

Good luck if you ahve other questions just ask. Ive been dealing with this forveer and just got it right.
P.S. your daughters looked how my daughtes did and it 100% better now

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May 23rd '08

I'm sorry for your LO...I know how it is. I to have a little one that used to be covered in eczema. What's working for us is her wearing a hazelwood necklace. I sounds odd. But the hazelwood has the natural property of absorbing excess acid in the body when it's against yor skin (I guess acid is a major cause of eczema) Within about 2 weeks of wearing the necklace(they're made to be safe for babies by the way) her eczema was pretty much all gone and it has stayed away since then (about 3 months). It does come back when I take off her necklace though so that's how I know it didn't just go away on its own.
They're inexpensive and quite cute too! is the website.

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May 23rd '08

Hey ladies. I just wanted to give you guys an idea of why the creams you use aren't working..!! I just took my son to a dermatologist for the same reason..and the doctor said that he has psoriasis. I haven't gotten his prescription yet cause I lost my purse but what I do know is that it's called liquor...something...something... I hope that you guys find out what's really wrong with your babies' skin because it took me a year to find out for my son!

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May 23rd '08
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May 24th '08
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May 28th '08

well i took her to a dermatologist this morning and she confirmed that it is eczema and that i was doing a great job controlling it...those pics are of what it looks like before anything is applied to her skin...she also told me to bath her every other day and keep using the aquaphor or i could use vaseline