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Jan 7th '12
Quoting Mama Lizzy :]:" I'm actually in a similar situation- I was in school to be a RVT but put it on hold till after I had ... [snip!] ... Maybe start with some basic classes that could apply to both degrees and see where your heart is at after you have your baby?"

LVNs aren't in NICU care. :?

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Jan 7th '12
Quoting Evette Gonzalez:" Im applying to both types of colleges. I have 6 months to decide what exactly i want to do. Im 17 & undecided. Can i get any advice on what i should do? Thank you:)"

I think you mean Vet tech. Vet school is MED school for animal lovers. Not a bachelor's degree.

Mama Lizzy :] 1 child; Texas 5575 posts
Jan 8th '12
Quoting Shakespeare's Tragedy:" LVNs aren't in NICU care. :?"

I meant she could become an LVN and then continue school while working to become an RN and then continue on to be w/e type of nurse she wants such as a neonatal nurse

EmmaWebb Japan 1 posts
Jun 4th '12

I think you should let your interest guide you. Which field evokes more passion in you? If you like both the fields equally, then I would give my vote to nursing simply because it is among the top healthcare professions right now. Also, it

Moosie Kline California 4 posts
Jul 4th '12

You have a lot to think about. Don