NICKEL☮POLIS 2 kids; Ontario 6268 posts
Jan 6th '12

So heartbreaking... so sorry for both of your losses!

Shelly (3 Due March 15 (boy); Plano, Texas 51 posts
Jan 7th '12

im so sorry for ur loss..

Mommy/Wifey/Student Due May 12 (boy); 1 child; Morgan City, Louisiana 3057 posts
Jan 7th '12

I'm so sorry for your loss! Lots of love and hugs for you and Ami!

Miss. Tiff Due November 20; 33 kids; Odessa, Missouri 2874 posts
Jan 7th '12

So very sorry for your loss. Stay strong. I can't tell you how to manage or what its like bc I've never been in your situation but dont give up!

Katie & Clay's Mommy! TTC since Jan 2012; 18 kids; Louisiana 2847 posts
Jan 8th '12

Hunny I'm soo sorry!! While I wasn't as far along as you I had my miscarriage 8 days ago. I was 16w when I found out my baby had died at about 13w but the crazy part is a few days before my appointment I could have sworn I felt the baby move quite a few times so I'm wondering if time of death could be wrong. I know it's hard what you're going through right now as well as your loss before but things will get easier in time which is something I know you probably don't want to hear. I wish there was something else I could say or do to help. I know all you really want right now is to have your baby alive and healthy because that is what I want every single day. I hope in the future you can have a happy and healthy baby. While he/she won't replace the ones you lost it will help you cope better. Just take care of yourself and take is easy. Take one day at a time, cry if you need and don't hold anything back. Let all your emotions out no matter what they may be.

No Earth Mother 2 kids; Darlington, United Kingdom 7435 posts
Jan 8th '12

You poor thing, i am so sorry for your loss hun.