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Mar 11th '12
Quoting KanYe West [hpc]:" oh. well she told me she had changed her password to some random shit & deleted the 'save password' option from her comp. so..."

yeah she did that

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Mar 11th '12
Quoting Nicklesaurous Rex:" is it bad that weve been broken up 10 minutes and I really dont care.. cuase that just means I can see Anthony again before he deploys and get some good sex? :oops:"

What happened?

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Mar 11th '12
Quoting [B&H]:" SO, do you think you are the queen of Friends trivia? "

hell yea-a-a

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Mar 11th '12
Quoting [B&H]:" LIES. I am ze queen! "

<----not Queen

saw maybe..2 episodes. ever. lol