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Dec 31st '11
Quoting Epic Jess.:" It is normal. I got my first YI in my life during pregnancy. Don't beat yourself up about it."

yea but I dont think it is normal to have it the whole time, like I have had it every single day of my pregnancy...I cant live like this forever

Riley+3 Due June 5; 18 kids; Washington 638 posts
Jan 1st '12

I have it for the first time ever, I'm pregnant and my OB said not to have sex until I'm done with my antibiotics and i've been tested again to make sure it's gone. Apparently that can make it worse,. even with treatment.

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Jan 2nd '12


Milania's Mommy Due November 7; Washington 7 posts
Jul 30th '12

What ever happened with your BV? Did it affect you as far as going into preterm labor or the baby at all? Im about 26wks and have had it constantly my entire pregnancy and antibiotics are not helping and are affecting me by giving me more problems, the most ive noticed with my BV is more of a clear discharge and when it gets really bad i gets painful achiness down low in my abdomen. The nurse at the hospital informed me that some times that is just a womans normal floral down there when being pregnant and its not a huge risk unless youve had preterm labor prior to this pregnancy. This is my first pregnancy so obviously ive never had the preterm issue before, but i hate this horrible infection and am wondering how it affected others, or if you ever got rid of it?? :)

Juliekd Due March 12 (girl); Japan 2 posts
Feb 12th '13

Just curious of your BV resolved after you had your baby? I have BV was on oral Metronidazole and still have it with all of the itching and burning symptoms. Dr. Said it may clear after delivery? Did you have itching, burning, and redness symptoms too?