does this sound like a sinus infection? Little Bug's Momma Due May 25; 2 kids; North Carolina 5575 posts
Dec 15th '11

Ok. so a few weeks ago I started getting this throbbing pain in my temple and ear area, Id also feel this weird like cracking sensation which I could also hear a "crackling" noise for about 5-10 seconds as I got that sensation.Well it went away for a while, and was less overwhelming, so I fugured the problem was gone.
Well about 3 days I ago I got really sick for about 12 hours, My nose was really stuffed up to the point where I felt like my nose was going to explode, it was really overwhelming, and I was also vomiting.
No fever or anything, (TMI)and the snot was mostly clear with some yellow.
Now 3 days later after that Ive had such bad headache where if I bend forward or stand up it feels like someone is squeezing my head and Its going to explode to put it lightly. Im also hearing that crackling noise again with shooting pains.

does this sound like a sinus infection?
I wont be able to see my doc til Monday at the soonest, and I reallly dont want an ER trip, since I dont feel its that much of an emergancy, but IDK if I can do this until next week :/

Meli ❤ 1 child; Don't worry about it, CA, United States 31152 posts
Dec 15th '11

If you have a sinus infection usually your boogers will be bright green and yea I get that pressure in my head and around my eyes, never had the ear issue though...maybe you have an ear infection and a regular cold? I know that can cause headaches and stuff similar..The thing I have noticed when I get sinus infections is the pain is sooo horrible around my sinus area like my forehead and under my eyes and it is constant it wouldn't just happen when I leaned forward but it is a feeling of pressure and not even tylenol helps sinus headaches and pressure, only taking antibiotics makes it feel better and the HUGE sign of one is super green boogers normally most peoples boogers will have a little green/yellow in them but not much but when they are full blown green that is for sure a sinus infection...

Sonia Tuckerman 34 kids; Australia 855 posts
Dec 15th '11

Sounds like a mixture of sinus infection, that actually started as an eustation tube dysfunction. When your ear crackles, it because the eustation tube is trying to open to equalize the pressure outside of the ear drum and inside. If that is dysfunctioning, it can cause ear infections, ear aches and as the ears join to the nose, the sinuses can then become inflammed due to the build up in pressure. Try taking some anti-inflammatories and pain killers. Also steam inhalation, hot drinks and showers can help relieve some of the pressure. Hope this helps. GL

Little Bug's Momma Due May 25; 2 kids; North Carolina 5575 posts
Dec 15th '11

thanks ladies. Ive tryed anti-inflamatories, and steam showers and even the netti pot. Nothing seems to be relieving the pressure.
It may be an ear infection, I wouldnt know for sure b/c Ive never had one before.
I usually handle being sick ok, but the pressure in my head is like nothing Ive ever had before!
Im going to try and call an urgent care tomorrow, and see if they take my insurance, if not then I may end up in the ER b/c its effecting the way Im taking care of my toddler. :(