HalleyBug Due December 22 (boy); Hamilton, Alabama 203 posts
Dec 8th '11
Quoting Noel Maynard:" Wow. That's crazy. I knw,it feels like it's taking forever to get there. This is my first baby (if ya ... [snip!] ... my first baby (if ya couldn't tell lol) and every little thing makes me so anxious. I just wanna see him already and hold him."

i feel the same way!Its my first and im so ready to have him

Jayliahsmom!! Due December 14 (boy); 5 kids; Australia 9 posts
Dec 8th '11

Hi everyone, hope all is going well...

Im 39 weeks and lost my mucus plug 2 days ago, and have been having pains since but nothing worth timing, with my daughter (21mths) I lost my mucus plug 38wks4days and then waters broke 2 days later and i had her next day!!
I thought also once plug was gone and labor would begin :cry: but it didn't guess its not far away.
Not long till I meet my baby boy..I don't even have name

Good Luck ladys.

Lori Gonser Due July 24; Colorado 2 posts
Dec 8th '11

With my first child i lost mine at 20 weeks. They say if u loose it early there is more chance for and infection. I deliverd at 37 weeks to a healthy baby boy.

Gabriel's Mommy :) 1 child; South Carolina 616 posts
Dec 8th '11

i'm 34.4 weeks also :) i lost mine at 28 weeks & then again yesterday. i'm still very much pregnant :p goodluck

Rebecca&&David Due May 14 (boy); Denver, Colorado 1 posts
May 3rd '13
Quoting Noel Maynard:" Well I've been reading about it and I'm losing pieces of this gel like clear/white/yellowish color ... [snip!] ... I was reading that this means labor is on it's way,even though it could be weeks from now. Anyone else losing theirs? "

Yeah Im 38 Weeks && for the past 3 days ive been having this yellow snot. My nurse said it was my mucus plug. I just want to have this baby already! But Good Luck Girly