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Dec 9th '11

<blockquote><b>Quoting MrsYeates:</b>" So since my husband and I conceived when I was on birth control (NuvaRing), we obviously were not trying ... [snip!] ... I know how important the first trimester is and I feel a little sad about this. Anyone else have these regrets? :cry:"</blockquote>

I was taking aderal, smoked pot and drank a couple time three weeks before i found out. Sounds horrible but as soon as i found out i felt TERRIBLE!!! Im having a great pregancy and he is exactly how he should be.

Heidi Sanderson Due August 26 (girl); 2 kids; Connellsville, Pennsylvania 3 posts
Jul 23rd '12

with all my kids i was drinking before i found out ans i smoked cigs through now all three of my pregnancies i have a very smart 11 month old and a very smart 6 year old and im doing great my little one im carryin now is doing awesome she is going to be tall though