Can a cold with lots of mucous cause baby to vomit? Totally Severe 2 kids; Milwaukee, Wisconsin 852 posts
Dec 2nd '11

My two year old son caught a pretty nasty cold over Thanksgiving and now our 10 week old daughter has it. Doc said to bring her in if she develops a fever but she hasn't. She is incredibly congested and in the past two days has vomited 3 separate times immediately after a bottle. Can all the mucous cause vomiting after eating? I was thinking maybe it's gagging her or filling her belly and causing nausea. She doesn't have diarrhea or anything. Also, I want to note that it's not abnormal for her to vomit about once a week. She's been doing this since birth and our pedi said it's perfectly fine because it's not daily and she's "gaining weight beautifully". So, she is already pretty sensitive with that anyway.
Due to a health problem of mine I've been transitioning her to formula from breastmilk slowly over the past two weeks. I feel so guilty for quitting, so I've been extra nervous when she vomits that maybe it's an intolerance to formula or something.. If the formula was making her vomit would it suddenly start now after two weeks of being fine on it (I've been increasingly it slowly)? Or, does it just seem more likely that her increase in vomiting the past two days is from the cold/mucous? I plan on bringing her back to the pedi if she isn't feeling better.

Kya-Trendy Tendency 2 kids; Battle Ground, Washington 2256 posts
Dec 2nd '11

i know if i get a cold and mucus is in the back of my throat it makes me dry heave cause it feels probably. lol

Momma Tee... 2 kids; Arkansas 1418 posts
Dec 2nd '11

It's probably mucous draining down her throat. It happens to everyone. I'd try to prop her up while she's sleeping. Letting her sleep in a swing or a bouncy seat would help.

Full House! 3 kids; Texas 1286 posts
Dec 2nd '11

Yes, drainage can.

Tom's wife & Emma's mommy 49 kids; Parkville, Maryland 1953 posts
Dec 2nd '11

I know I throw up when I get like that .... :( so I could see that also making a little one throw up as well

Incognito Ninja 2 kids; 3 angel babies; That one city, IN, United States 20887 posts
Dec 2nd '11
Quoting kya-skylar's mama.:" i know if i get a cold and mucus is in the back of my throat it makes me dry heave cause it feels probably. lol"

I agree with this. Sorry momma I hope he gets better soon!:(

Klaus 2 kids; Mississippi 27174 posts
Dec 2nd '11

Yes when my son was about that same age I took him to the ER and it was the same story. The doctor said he was swallowing the drainage, which was filling his stomach, and so when he drank his normal size bottle he was getting too full and it made him throw up. Try feeding smaller amounts and see if that helps.

Keℓℓy. Due June 11 (boy); 1 child; California 8994 posts
Dec 3rd '11

We had this problem with violet last year. She was up all night one night throwing up mucus. I hope she feels better, poor baby.