my babies eyes roll to the back of her head is a seisure? * Mommy of 3* 2 kids; Huntington Park, California 1388 posts
Mar 30th '08

My baby was born at 34 weeks she came home 2 weeks after she was born. Im very woried because her eyes roll to the back of her head, is she having a seisures. Ha this happend to any of your babies?

Star77 3 kids; Washington 1559 posts
Mar 30th '08

My son does that sometimes when he is so tired he just kinda passes out. By the way I love yourbaby's name (it's mine too).

Leah&EJ:: The Dynamic Duo 1 child; Maryland 311 posts
Mar 30th '08

Hey someone just posted something similar to this...

May be of some help.

happy baby's mom 1 child; Ohio 19617 posts
Mar 31st '08

totally normal my baby did it all the time when she was sleepy the first 3 mths.

* Mommy of 3* 2 kids; Huntington Park, California 1388 posts
Mar 31st '08

thanx girls i was so worried about this

I l0v3 AFP Due January 16; 1 child; Charlotte, North Carolina 645 posts
Mar 31st '08

oh wow sweetheart no she isn't having a seizure. No worries my baby does this a lot too. Have you ever heard of REM it is a state of sleep and in this state of sleep most often people dream. So your baby is really only dreaming and this is why she twitches and rolls her eyes. Does she ever make a crying face, or actually start to cry, or sometimes even smile? It's all normal. enjoy your little one.

Gothic l****a Mana 1 child; Kansas 924 posts
Mar 31st '08

my baby does it. Its not a seizure a seizure yu would tell because she would be twitching and shaking a lot. Its totally normal don't worry!

N & A 1 child; New Mexico 22234 posts
Mar 31st '08
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kitty la reaper 3 kids; Ohio 4071 posts
Apr 1st '08
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