Hair Loss at 9 months post partum MissMommy + 2 34 kids; West Virginia 3733 posts
Nov 29th '11

I'm going to see the Dr. I work for about this in the morning. Just wanted to see if anyone else has noticed excessive hair loss this long after giving birth. I usually do notice I loose a little more hair in the Winter for some reason... But it's not even technically cold out yet and I've been noticing a very significant amount coming out the last few months (2 maybe). And it's a LOT more than in years past.

I'm almost 100% positive it's not thyroid related. I do have those issues that run on my paternal side of the family, but my levels have always been normal.

Any one else notice this, this long after pregnancy.

I'm even starting to loose some eyelashes I've noticed. :(

~*****~ 18 kids; Colorado 472 posts
Nov 29th '11

Not eyelashes but hair loss YES It is totally normal :wink:

Lee.. 2 kids; Sydney, NS, Australia 923 posts
Nov 29th '11

Yes. Around 7 - 12 months PP i lost so much hair that i thought i was going to go bald.
Given you loose very little during pregnancy (normally) and on a general basis you normally loose about 100 hairs a day, there is a lot of catching up to do once the hormones drop down completely in your system.

WeenieMachine 3 kids; Japan 27915 posts
Nov 29th '11

I lost a ton of hair post partum but it started at around 4 months. With my first, it was so alarming at how much I was losing.

MissMommy + 2 34 kids; West Virginia 3733 posts
Nov 29th '11

I'm alarmed too! And I definitely worry I'm going to be bald if this continues much longer! :-/

I actually had hair loss during pregnancy.... In fact I lost more than my "normal" amount pretty much my entire pregnancy!

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one this has happened to. Makes me feel less alarmed about the whole thing!