Great DVD for toddlers learning to talk juliap 2 kids; Texas 562 posts
Mar 27th '08

I just to had to tell about this great DVD that I got for my son. I had been having trouble with him learning to talk and I really think this DVD made him have a breakthrough in learning. I got it at Target and its by Parents and called ABC playtime letters and first words. The first words section is awesome they show a picture of something like a dog playing and then say what it is and my son right away started repeating what the lady sad. Then after that he started repeating things I said its like everything just clicked all of a sudden. It really keeps his attention and now he knows all the words on there. The letters section is set to classical music and they show the letter then an item that starts with it.You have to read it for them and tell them what it is. My son has been learning his letters this way and also some more vocabulary words. He likes the first words section better though. This DVD is great and I just wanted to tell everyone about it.

Kasia. 2 kids; Germany 1240 posts
Mar 27th '08

oh great i have to get this one. thank you for sharing!!

~*Tasha*~ {ASP} 19 kids; Calhoun Falls, South Carolina 10987 posts
Mar 27th '08

Thanks for sharing!!! I will definatly have to get it! :)

~a girl and a boy~ 2 kids; ,, IA, United States 61124 posts
Mar 28th '08

thanks for letting us know. I'll have to check this DVD out.