Mucus plug, 32 weeks? Toby&Evans Mommy [Lisa] Due June 4; 18 kids; 2 angel babies; Florida 19456 posts
Mar 25th '08

Hey Ladies,

I just did a bit of searching around, but I couldn't find anything specific to "my" situation. I was out browsing the stores today and went to use the bathroom (as we know we all do 5000 times a day!!) and while I wiped, I noticed a thick mucus discharge on the paper. I am not sure if it was the start of losing my plug or if I am just making it out to be something it may not be. It was a clear-light yellowish color (kinda like a big loogie outta your nose LOL), but I am not sure if I am too early on in the pregnancy still to start losing the plug or not. I feel fine, other than tired from working too much... but any suggestions? Anything to be concerned about or should I just ignore it for now.

Im gone Due September 22 (boy); New York 3576 posts
Mar 25th '08
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Stephen Rafael is here! Oregon 419 posts
Mar 25th '08

that is very early, you should call your doc. I have been losing my plug for the last week but I am 38 weeks along, 3cm dilated, and 75% effaced. What you described is what I have been discharging for the last week. Good luck!

J e s s i c a 3 kids; Sherwood, Oregon 36775 posts
Mar 25th '08

it probably was your plug but it doesn't mean much. You could get and lose your plug several times between now and then end of your pregnancy. It isn'tnecessarily a sign that labor is near, like most women think.

ready41more 1 child; South Carolina 118 posts
Mar 25th '08

ITs not to early. I starting loosing my plug in peices around the same time. I am still loosing it, and sometimes its the same color as yours and sometimes its the clear stringy stuff. when looking on the internet everyone else says theirs has blood streaks in it. I have yet to see that, but my dtr says ive been loosing my plug as a result of the babys head resting on my cervix. so that sounds like the same situation to me...but if your worried, you can always talk to ur dtr....Good Luck

~* Mandy *~ 4 kids; Pennsylvania 1631 posts
Mar 25th '08

I have had the snotty looking stuff but today after going to the bathroom i noticed a few little chunks of white stuff... and lots of discharge... is that just bigger pieces of my mucus plug or is that something completely different?

Inkqueen0809 Due May 20 (girl); Japan 7 posts
Mar 26th '13

I'm 32 wks today with my 3rd child and started with the clear boogery snotty discharge last night. I'm also 3cm dilated and have been on meds to slow them down since I was 17 wks.... With my last pregnancy with my daughter, I lost my plug the first time 4 days before I went into labor with her... It was more globby and loogie-ish and had more yellowish color to it, as it looks when you have a sinus infection and you blow big yellowish boogies. Over the next 2 days it regenerated and I lost it again the day before I went into labor. I think it's normal to start losing it now til your DD. With me, I'm guessing its because I'm dilating so quickly already....if you're still concerned or are having CTX or vaginal pain with it, it wouldn't hurt to give your doc a call :)