gtfo Indiana 1 posts
Nov 6th '11

If you think it could autism , get him tested. You may have to go against his father, but put your son first. Gettng help now will give him a greater chance of overcoming the obstacles you will face, than if you wait.

Honestly if this is the only prob Imo it looks like it is time for potty training. Also, you will just have to be more vigilant, punishment won't work and will just cause more issues. If your Dr is telling you to give cold bath water as punishment I hope you will stop, that can be considered child abuse. Report the Dr and get a new one!

Vanessa ♥ 1 child; Quincy, Massachusetts 27901 posts
Nov 6th '11
Quoting Alicia + 1.5:" Is she recruiting people from other sites to leave comments here? Because it doesn't sound like they all agreed with her lol"

haha i love it!

Aaden & Noah's Mommy 18 kids; Independence, Missouri 2366 posts
Nov 6th '11
Quoting gtfo:" If you think it could autism , get him tested. You may have to go against his father, but put your son ... [snip!] ... give cold bath water as punishment I hope you will stop, that can be considered child abuse. Report the Dr and get a new one!"

read my post. He is potty training... hence why he wears pull ups.

user banned 1 child; Golden, Colorado 28482 posts
Nov 6th '11

Got to love it when b***hes bring in their mommy brigade from other boards. What's wrong, can't think for yourself or back up your own thoughts? How sad. LOL.

LovingHappyHome 69 kids; Fertile, Minnesota 7260 posts
Nov 6th '11

My twins played with poop. It was the most annoying behavior they have had yet. I would rather deal with the UFC fighting. They do not have autism, it was just something they did and there was really nothing we could do to stop them. They were very silent about it and would mostly do it when waking up from a nap or at bedtime. The outgrew it though. We even tried the duct tape and they would tear the bottom of the diaper to get it off. We thought they were ready for potty training when they started. Nope. Just enjoyed this new medium for their art. We never went through this with our other kids. We were told it was normal by our ped. I am just like it finally worked itself out toward the end of the summer. Good luck mama <3

Momma Squishy of 3.5 19 kids; Iowa 13929 posts
Nov 7th '11

My 2 year old went through the fecal art phase... lasted about 6 months. It drove me up the damn wall!!
Nothing would keep him out of his diaper, not until we found the beloved duct tape.
Sure, you'll need to use scissors to remove the diapers from here on, but I promise, duct tape, and footie pjs.. they save lives lol

user banned Due August 21 (girl); 2 kids; Forks, Washington 66233 posts
Nov 7th '11
Quoting Alicia + 1.5:" My son is 26 months old and starting playing with his poop recently. Sometimes more than once a day, ... [snip!] ... and he still plays with his poop. If he doesn't stop this before my next child is here I don't know what I'm going to do. "

yes, smearing poop on his face means he is autistic. My son does it ALLLL the time. It's gross.

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Dec 12th '11
Quoting LovelyLovelyTime:" I actually am a new member. I stumbled upon this. I have never been rude to you so I don't understand the snarkyness of your second qoute to me. I actually play wow myself. What realm do you play on?"

Dont' f**king LIE! You were linked from Cafe f**king mom! :D

Sorry for bumping this old thread...

Caylee-jo Wilson Due March 8 (boy); 1 child; Michigan 11 posts
Dec 12th '11

I have a 19 month old boy and he has done this a couple of times. He only does it when he is 'napping'. I understand the frustration. I have talked to his doctor about this issue as well being concerned with the fact that he would eat some of it (at least I would assume so since it would be around his mouth). My doctor said that is is normal and that we have all done it at one time or another. He has encouraged us to push the potty training a little harder. My son also doesn't like having a diaper on if he has peed or pooped. The doctor said it was a developmental sigh of potty training readiness, being able to recognized that something feels off while sitting in a dirty diaper. I hope this helps, and as much of a pain as this is, it is more of a phase than a developmental problem. Good Luck!!

TamraH209 Stockton, California 1 posts
Feb 21st '13

I feel your pain! My oldest son started smearing when he was 2 and still does it at age 7, he is diagnosed autistic and it's so bad and frequent that my mother gave me a carpet shampooer to help us out.

My twins tried it a few times at about 18 months, but I made them stay covered in it while I cleaned their room each time, and that stopped it after the third round.

People who don't dread waking up each morning because they know they have to face a room covered in crap cannot understand this, so don't even bother trying to explain to horror of it. I promise though its normal to feel that way. There are few better reasons to be depressed than waking up seven months pregnant and nauseous and having to spend three to four hours smelling and cleaning poo.

We have tried taking away toys and priveledges - no results. We have tried cool baths - no results. We tried not acknowledging it at all which did nothing but frustrate the hell out of me. We tried substitute sensory stimuli - nothing. We tried duct taping the diaper - nothing. The only things that worked a bit was duct taping the diaper inside of backwards footed pajamas (SNUG FITTING) and pinning the zipper up. The problem there is that eventually the fluids seep out anyway, so nothing is 100%. I'm sorry you're dealing with this, please let us know if you find something that works.

4 boys :) Due October 5 (boy); 3 kids; 1 angel baby; keystone heights, FL, United States 1005 posts
Feb 21st '13

I've never heard of smearing poop being a sign of autism.. my friend has a son whose autistic and he never plays with his poop. I also worked with special needs children for three years & nothing of the sort was done from any of them.... it's probably just a phase, whether it be boredom or not.. try putting a small Tv or music box in his room during nap time to deter him from wanting to play in it... possibly even check in on him after 30 mins to sleep if he's still awake and check his pull ups to see if he went... my son smeared his poop a few times & it was god awful.. i wanted to gag.. but thankfully a little tv with his fav show to lull him to sleep helped... If you're concerned though i would ask for a full panel of tests.. another thing i noticed, you said he didn't talk much, just grunted.. is there any concern that he may have hearing issues? that could be part of the reason he's acting out.. just a thought.. maybe before bed time you can set him on the potty too.... && possibly do crafts that involve finger paints so he won't want to use his poop to paint you a mural.. if you're more concerned about quiet time than nap time try putting the color wonder paint easel in his room with minimal lighting so if he gets bored he will paint that instead.

aunt b Japan 1 posts
Mar 14th '13

I watch our 21 mo. old grandaughter everyday. she is REALLY BAD with the poop painting at nap time- I seriously think she can "WILL" herself to poop to give her something to play with instead of going to sleep. I believe its best not to make a big deal out of it, one day she will realize it smells bad and stop ( our daughter did the same thing when she was little). In my thinking its just best to prevent it from happening for now instead of trying to correct her. we have found what does WORK to prevent it. first put her in a onesie and very important to roll the sleeves all the way up to her shoulders ( this stops her from getting her arm out of the sleves and into the diaper). then put the footie pajamas on backwards. we do that every time she goes to bed or naps. it has worked and I am so happy- poop stays in the diaper :)

lilydeets Japan 5 posts
Nov 25th '13

Hey ladies have read a lot of the comments back to this gal. I have to say something first those women who are cutting being harsh whats up with that seriously? Moms we should be able to help one another and not cut everyone down if you don't know the complete story don't judge I myself am dealing with a almost 3 year old who is playing in it I can't make him take a nap. He is so tired he needs a nap he rubs his eyes and crashes. So he must take a nap. Now I have red some awful unhelpful person say take away his walls seriously that is stupid and stupid for posting a comment on here. I have constantly check up on him all the time. I have a 8 month old that is being taken care of as well. I am not neglecting in any way shape we have done everything and nothing works. So the gal that posted pleading and asking for help ladies what is your problems we as mother have lost sorry my potty mouth we have all lost our damn minds grow up and help out instead of insulting her if you have nothing nice to say to her then don't say anything at all. So damn frustrating folks.