I'm getting Chills(8 weeks pregnant) Marie♥ 18 kids; Virginia 254 posts
Mar 24th '08

So with my daughter I was ALWAYS hot, but with this pregnancy I always feel like i'm getting chills..Almost like the chills your feel during a cold/flu.Before I found out I was pregnant I THOUGHT I was getting sick, because of that..Anyone else get Chills? I'm 8 weeks along btw..

Lawna 2 kids; Alberta 470 posts
Mar 24th '08

I was the same way, with my daughter Iw as cooking constantly but with this baby I feel cold just about all the time. though it is starting to get better, I think mostly cause it's warming up finally.

Crzy mom!! 3 kids; New Jersey 3004 posts
Mar 24th '08

With my son I was in constant heat mode. I would walk around in tank tops durign the winter cause I would be sweating otherwise. Comem summer time it was way worse.
This time around I get both. One mintue I'm freezing and stealing all of the covers from my fiance...the next I'm throwing pillows and balnkets off the bed cause I feel like a friggin burrito!!!


Meredith's Mama...your daughter is so precious. My son has that same big smile!!:-)

*~.Kendra.~* Taylors Momm Due April 19 (girl); 1 child; Seabrook, New Hampshire 372 posts
Mar 24th '08

I started waking up in the night with chills and thought i had the flu. around 6-9 weeks. But recently it hasnt been happening. I sleep with less blankets now and keep the heat up at a more comfortable temp. Hope it gets better!

bABY M0MMA x ll ♥ Due March 7; 2 kids; Maryland 400 posts
Mar 24th '08

I was like that too... but I also think mine may have been from withdrawls to cigarettes

Marie♥ 18 kids; Virginia 254 posts
Mar 24th '08
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bgirlmama 2 kids; California 3436 posts
Mar 24th '08

AH! i thought i was going crazy, a few people i know who were pregnant were hot all the time and i always have the chills. weird..

soblessed 1 child; California 16 posts
Mar 24th '08
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horsegal2 Due November 11; USA 1 posts
Mar 9th '11

oh my gosh i thought i was going crazy!!! last friday before i found out i was prego i was with a friend and i kept telling her that i had the chills. Like the ones you would have with the flu. monday i took pregnancy test and i was preg!! I have the chils all the time, i hate it because all i wana do is take a hot bath,and they say not to do that! sooooo ,,,,,,,, I live in iowa and its cold!!! cant wait for summer.