L.Michelle 18 kids; North Carolina 106 posts
Dec 20th '11

I had one at 14. I was young and dumb and head over heals in love with my now husband. I got it done and was very sad for a very long time. It was a decison that our families really wanted us to choose. Our mothers had both had it done before and assured us it was the right choice. For a long time I avoided baby talk and baby things but it did not help that my sister in law was pregnant and due a month before me. Now 4 years and some change later I realize that then if my now husband (then boyfriend) would of had that baby we wouldn't be where we are today. Married, with a beautiful son, stable jobs, good educations, and a outstanding relationship. It doesn't completely make me feel like what I did was ok because I still don't think it was but I know that god helped me choose abortion for a reason and I see why he did. It takes time and I still mark my calendar every year just to remember the child that could of been. Sometimes I find myself driving by the clinic and sitting and thinking to myself. I myself will never forget anything about that day and I don't think it's bad not to forget. I have stopped dwelling about it and being so sad. It takes a long time, but in time you'll come to terms with it.

understanding Kentucky 2 posts
Dec 20th '11

I dont think about all the time anymore its been 28 years though. The first few where ruff but after that It kinda faded. Kinda like any type of death. It hurts real bad at first then fades and if you dwell on it it comes back. Places like this help when you can talk and say what you feel.

Jocelynsue123 Bay City, Michigan 8 posts
Jan 8th '12

I had my abortion three days ago. I feel horrible. I wish I could take it back. I wish i would have left when I heard the other girl screaming. :(

BaBii-m0mma-2012 Due May 10; Tampa, Florida 2 posts
Jan 9th '12

it was deff hard nd i went back and forth on making the decision but it wasnt the right time or with the right person i think i made the right decision i think wgat is wrong is bringing a baby into this world when you cant take care of it the way they need to be or if ur a baby having a baby live ur life first dont try nd have a baby to be cool justg because everyone else is be smart...i wouldnt be where i am now and having a baby with whom i believe is the right person now if i wouldnt have done it