How do u feel about YOUR abortion ?? 1st name mommy 2nd name B 2 kids; Long Beach, California 6496 posts
Oct 30th '11

Just curious to see how other moms who have been through abortion feel now afterwards about their decision... No judging here...

Personally, I feel that what i did was best but im faced with guilt quite often and i couldnt go through it again...

Both times i had abortions were nightmares for me, and the second time i was heavily bleeding for months afterwards, 6 i think...
I felt like i had to do it for my boys i feel like having another baby would take away from just really wasnt the right time and it still isnt...

It doesnt help that damn near everyone around me is pregnant or just had a baby... -_-

Are any of you ladies still faced with guilt??? If so how often??? Did it ever go away some??

☆OGTattedmama07☆ Due July 23; 3 kids; Ghetto, Ca, United States 37045 posts
Oct 30th '11

Best choice I ever could have made.. I wouldnt' have the life I do now, with the 2 beautiful children that I have.

I probably wouldn't be in college or working either.

Hanners. 2 kids; 3 angel babies; Marysville, WA, United States 11016 posts
Oct 30th '11

I was relieved.

I didn't want it because it was a product of rape and I was 12 when it happened.

I still have no remorse.

Keℓℓy. Due June 11 (boy); 1 child; California 8994 posts
Oct 30th '11

I've personally never had to make that decision but you should not feel guilty for it. You made the decision that was right for your family and your other children. I see nothing wrong with that. I actually never see a bad reason for abortion. Everybody has their own reasons for making the choices that they make.

squarehead sarcasticpants 4 kids; Arizona 36875 posts
Oct 30th '11

I have no guilt. When I went in for the procedure, it was for a medical abortion. The DR did an internal sonogram and told me that I was already miscarrying, and going through with the procedure would make sure everything expelled.

Even if I weren't miscarrying, I still would have done it. I am so unbelievably relieved that I didnt have any children with that man.

Gold 3 kids; Stuffed with a, ., Turkey 67018 posts
Oct 30th '11

I was upset afterwards, not because of having one, but because I should have known better and used better protection. It's been like 5 years now and I honestly can say I still do not regret having one. I def wouldn't have the life and stability I have now.

Thirteen and Boo 1 child; California 6087 posts
Oct 30th '11

Pretty bomb. I'm not saddled with a kid I didn't want and a douchebag I would forever be tied to. :) AND I have a truly exceptional child I love more than anything, and she would have never been here had the course of event gone differently.

1st name mommy 2nd name B 2 kids; Long Beach, California 6496 posts
Oct 30th '11

nice to hear :)

Mama Mallo (: 2 kids; Texas 6514 posts
Oct 30th '11

When did you have your second abortion hon?

I was fine for a while, but when my due date came around(August 12) I was an emotional wreck. I'm recovering from it still, it's been sad but no regrets here.

C410 ; 1 angel baby; California 314 posts
Oct 31st '11

Hello girl,

I am 5 weeks at my abortion, exactly. There are days when I'm feeling fine and then there are days when I feel absolutely dreadful. I've even gone to the point where I guess I'm looking 'depressed' because my coworkers straight out told me that I should be happy (even though they did not ask what was wrong.). I have also avoided events that involved any baby talk (I know that it is a childish thing to do... but I want to gather some strength in order to that, because it will remind me of my failed relationship tooo with the baby's father).

Even though there are many feelings like guilt, etc. I can see now why it isn't a mistake that I had an abortion. 5 weeks and counting, I can see if I had the child, I will even in deep doodoo with the baby's father, his family, etc. since he wants the baby. I'd also be in so many mood swings and I'm diagnosed with depression so any heightend moods... I'm totally a Dr. Jekyl! : (

But you know from what your situation you did the best you can since you believe that having a third child would take any opportunities away from your lovely children you have now. I say that I know you are a wonde4rful mother since you even care about the unborn child to ask this here, but don't feel guilty when you have two beautiful children in front of you. There will be hard times but it won't be for long, or it won't be as hard I shoujld lsay.

K&A 17 kids; California 884 posts
Nov 1st '11

I do feel bad from time to time, but it was the best decision I made. There is no way I could handle two kids right now at is enough for now!!

Piper & Alexa's Mommy 18 kids; Alberta 476 posts
Nov 2nd '11

4 years ago. It would have been my first baby, I was not in a stable relationship, and was not ready or so I thought. I have ALWAYS regreted making the decission even laying there while it was happening my mind and heart were screaming at me to stop but I didn't. I had the ultrasound from that baby with me for years and actually threw it out 2 months ago, my husband and I were moving and he asked why I hang onto it when all it does is make me depressed whenever I see it. He was right I was hanging onto my regret.

So I regret it and I will never have another, my heart broke off a piece that day that never came back.

sandra:) Ireland 44 posts
Nov 2nd '11

hi lady,

I had one five months worse choice i ever made..was forced into it by my everyone i have my bad and good days.. even doe i feel bad im glade i not stuck with him for rest of my life cause he was a controllin f****r..

BoOm French Toast 2 kids; Massachusetts 11229 posts
Nov 2nd '11

I had an abortion when I was 17, best decision of my life. No regrets, no guilt.

I'm sorry you feel this way though. It will get easier.

☆stumbleine ☆ 4 kids; d***o, 12139 posts
Nov 3rd '11

I feel nothing, I don't even think about it.