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Oct 31st '11

Snagging :) Thanks!

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Nov 1st '11
Quoting Mama Cass
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Nov 1st '11
Quoting Mama Cass
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Nov 4th '11

I used the first one, if that's ok. I love it alot!

Thank you!

Ednna Peralta Japan 1 posts
Jul 6th '13
Thank you...your designs are awesome!!!!!
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Jan 30th '14


Ruth McPherson United States 1 posts
Feb 21st '15

You asked to know if your g*****c was utilized, so I'm letting you know I've created a post for my Facebook page ( using it.  I tried to upload it here to show you, but since I just joined, I'm not able to post a pic for at least a week.  Hope you'll check it out - I should be scheduling it for Feb 24 or 25, 2015.  Thank you! Ruth 

Elizabeth Vara United States 1 posts
Mar 2nd '16

Thankyou for sharing this too sweet.I used lart of it to frame my sons picture.Too cute.