I hate pregnancy tests and having no control! PaigeyBaby 32 kids; Australia 455 posts
Oct 25th '11

Soo i am almost 6 weeks pregnant.
I've been taking pregnancy tests here and there just to see if they are getting darker, which they have been, to the point where the control line was almost non existent.
Anyways yesterday and this morning i decided to use up my last tests...and the control line is darker than before. And im worried :(
I had a bloodtest yesterday, and will be having another tomorrow, but im pretty much devastated already.

S ♥ J ♥ L 1 child; 3 angel babies; Philadelphia, PA, United States 3902 posts
Oct 25th '11

your pregnant!! relax mama! don't give yourself reason to stress for no reason!!

Lee.. 2 kids; Sydney, NS, Australia 923 posts
Oct 25th '11

The darker the line the better.
The control line does not mean anything, only that the test is working.
The result line is the one to watch.
(hope i did not miss read your post)

ETA: I mean the darker the result line.

Moo-mmyஐ 52 kids; New York 27164 posts
Oct 25th '11

Some tests have more dye than others. I've never used the darkness of the test line as a gauge for how my pregnancy was going, it seems silly.

irish.momma.+3.5 Due March 17 (boy); 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Tucson, Arizona 3047 posts
Oct 25th '11

I had this exact same thread when I was around that far along! Don't worry, the test and the dilution of your pee and so much other stuff can change the line darkness. Everything is probably just fine!
I'm now 22 weeks and everything is going great btw, so it didn't mean anything bad for me!

PaigeyBaby 32 kids; Australia 455 posts
Oct 25th '11

I know its silly :P I hate myself everytime i pee on a damn stick.
Someone seriously needs to lock the bathroom cupboard and put me in a straight jacket or something :)
Dying to know my bloodtest results! They told me they were in but when they opened my file it was blank :/ so i'll try again this afternoon.