feeling hopeless? read me Miracle Mommy Magen 2 kids; 3 angel babies; Irving, Texas 527 posts
Oct 17th '11

I know I

ReesMom2♥MFH 2 kids; Texas 8797 posts
Oct 17th '11

So sorry for your losses but happy you finally got your miracle!


Always♥Faithful 2 kids; CHERRY POINT, North Carolina 21738 posts
Oct 17th '11

Your story really touched my heart. I'm so happy you have your little man in your arms, and I'm sorry for your losses. <3

♥Danielle+3♥ 3 kids; Oregon 52371 posts
Oct 17th '11

What a heartbreaking thing to go through! I'm so glad you got your miracle baby! You are an amazingly strong person!

Durrty Lurker? 17 kids; New York 1059 posts
Oct 17th '11

What a beautiful story. I hope this has inspired someone who has lost hope. I really felt your emotions while reading this. Thank you for sharing. Only the most special moms are chosen to have children on Earth and in Heaven. I lost my son Micah a mere 10 days from my due date on 02/16/2004 and I now have a gorgeous 3 year old princess.

Lialubug 1 child; Bani, Dominican Republic 475 posts
Oct 17th '11

Wow you are a really strong women! Hugs*

Meli ❤ 1 child; Don't worry about it, CA, United States 31152 posts
Oct 17th '11

That was a very beautiful story...I am really happy you finally got your little boy :)

ashlin & bentley Due February 2; 1 child; Texas 803 posts
Oct 17th '11

Beautiful Magen. You have been through so much and have leaned on God through the whole process, you are truly an amazing person. So thankful for sweet Noah! =]

Brooksy! 2 kids; Texas City, Texas 30 posts
Oct 17th '11

Wow. This really touched me. You are such a strong indivisual.

Miracle Mommy Magen 2 kids; 3 angel babies; Irving, Texas 527 posts
Oct 17th '11

Thanks for all the support you guys... my dream is to reach out to other angel moms or anyone for that matter and inspire them to turn thier pain into purpose. Ive always had such a strong desire to speak out to others but I suck at public speaking, but writing I feel Im rather good at. Tomorrow a pothographer is going to tape me telling my story and how it's built my faith, like a "I Am Second" video... Im freaking out! Hopefully I can tell it and say everything thats on my heart. Wish me luck, maybe it could take off on youtube and start something amazing :)

S♡J=Malachi 1 child; 3 angel babies; Florida 3278 posts
Oct 23rd '11

I am late but you is so right all things are possible with God.

Mur Due March 5; Kansas 1390 posts
Oct 24th '11

Your story gives me hope. Thank you and I'm so sorry for your losses.

Felly! 16 kids; Texas 345 posts
Oct 24th '11

I'm sorry for your losses and so happy you got your son Noah.
You truly touched my heart and gave some inspiration.

Miss. Tiff Due November 20; 33 kids; Odessa, Missouri 2874 posts
Oct 25th '11

<blockquote><b>Quoting Miracle Mommy Magen:</b>" I know I

Kori B. Due March 30 (boy); USA 14 posts
Nov 5th '11

after my uncle and aunt lost their first daughter 6 years ago i will never forget that pain i felt of losing our little angel. im almost 19 weeks with my first child and im terrified of losing it everyday. your story is amazing and its amazing that you kept trying that im sure would take so much. you are an amazing mother. wow is really all i can say. congrats to you and your family.