dizziness/seeing spots/shaking Jace & Auty's Mama 162 kids; Tennessee 2948 posts
Oct 7th '11

i'll be 9wks sunday, for the past few days i've been having a problem. i get shake], lightheaded[dizzy], and see spots[like you do when you stand up to quickly], and feel like i'm going to faint. is it normal? i didn't have this problem when i was pregnant with my son. my next apt is the 26th, if i keep feeling like this should i see if i can get in sooner or go to the er?

...:::Brittany:::... Due August 8; 3 kids; Dawsonville, GA, United States 6750 posts
Oct 7th '11

I have that and have my whole life but more so when pregnant, mines cause by low iron but im not sure if thats the only thing that could cause it in other people.

NeeNee-hott mama! 2 kids; Tampa, Florida 10212 posts
Oct 7th '11

Maybe low blood sugar? Happened to me a lot in the beginning of my pregnancy. I almost passed out while cooking one night a few weeks ago too. Just gotta make sure you're eating regularly, and don't stand up too quickly.

Sarah Haines Whitely 2 kids; Lanesville, Indiana 778 posts
Oct 7th '11

I have been told that those symptoms could be signs of pre-eclampsia. I had pre-e with my first pregnancy, but have been fine with my current one. However, those types of signs usually don't present themselves until late 2nd trimester or beginning 3rd trimester. You may want to call your doctor. They may want to see you. Expecially if you could be low in iron.

Darth Duckie Due January 12; USA 46 posts
Oct 7th '11

It could be anemia, which is low iron and usually can be rectified with iron supplements daily, or you could also have hypoglocimia(sp), which is where your sugar drops too low and you get faint or dizzy because you've gone too long without eating. If it is hypoglocimia then I would avoid anything with large amounts of sugar because it will make your sugar drop faster when your body is done processing the food.

I would call your OBs office and speak with the nurse. They may have you come in sooner to see what is causing your problems.

Jace & Auty's Mama 162 kids; Tennessee 2948 posts
Oct 7th '11

thanks for the advice ladies. i'm going to call and see what the recommend i do.

Ms Cadaver. [B.W.D] TTC since Feb 2017; 1 child; 1 angel baby; Brisbane, QL, Australia 724 posts
Oct 8th '11

My old DR checked me for that he made mention of Pre-e because of my size but I have not had any issues since I think it was just stress and a few hiccups with my blood pressure & I also have low iron, dont panic to much you will be fine :D