33 weeks and having heart palpitations everyday. Anyone have Expecting baby girl numbe Due November 23 (girl); 1 child; Virginia 16 posts
Oct 6th '11

I am 33 weeks pregnant and been have these heart palpitations everyday some days I only get one or two others I will get up to 8 or 10 a day. I do not have any chest pain at all. It kinda feels like my heart is skipping a beat but then goes right back to normal. It freaks me out when this happends and everyone is telling me it's due to more blood flow in the heart. My heart is healthy I have had an ekg and other tests to make sure it's not heart disease. I drink nothing but water and do not eat junk foods at all. This all started about 25 weeks. I have noraml bp. I am just scared to go 7 more weeks with this. It's seems to happen nomatter what I do laying down or cleaning the house. Anyone have these too and if so did they go away after you had your baby? Any info would be great thanks

yo*mama 3 kids; Edmonton, Alberta 325 posts
Oct 6th '11

I have them very bad too, I have had them even before being pregnant. It is VERY scary but, if it hasn't killed you yet, it probably won't.