c-section not healing very well!!!!! Cami and Ella's mommy :-) 35 kids; 2 angel babies; Grand Rapids, Michigan 1303 posts
Feb 20th '07
ok so this is what is going on ....I had a c-section on January 30, 2007 and about two weeks later it was hurting so bad so I went to the doctor and he told me that he wanted an ultrasound done on my incision area. I had that done and then he said that my incision had healed from the skin in ward insted of from the inside out and now there was water and infection trapped underneath the skin, so I went to the hospital where he put me out and opened it back up and left it open and then three days later I had a 'Wound VAC" put on it, that is where they put this charcaol sponge inside of the hole in my abdomen where the c-section incision is and then attatch it to a vacum and I carried this around for 4 days, so is gets worse than this.........Last night my visiting nurse came (she was scheduled to come on Monday, Wed and Fri) to cange my dressings and put a new sponge in my incision...imagime how I was feeling about that, I was scared to death about the pain of pulling this sponge out of my incision and putting another one in there. So she got here at about 7:00 pm and let me just say it took all the strength I had and about 30 minutes to pull that tape and crap off of my skin and it also was taped all over my area down there to hold this vacume tube in!! So after I got all of that of she proceded to try to pull this F#@*&^G sponge out of the hole on my abdomen well she worked at it for about an hour with me balling and screaming in pain!! Finally she told me that she was not going to touch me anymore and she felt so bad, she then proceded to tell me that she has never seen anything like this happen and she told me to call my the next morning , which is today, I called my doctor...I am going into see him at about 3:30 to see what he wants to do! So I guess my question is .......has anyone had to go through anything like this and has anyone had any experience with a "Wound V.A.C." ??????HELP!!!!!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:
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Oct 2nd '08
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Aug 25th '10

hi i had a c-section 5weeks ago and my scar has opened a bit and is now a bit loody any1 know what i shud be doing dont want 2 bother the docs yet as am away till nxt week

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May 23rd '12

My baby was due on March 30th but because of Preeclampsia i had extremely high blood pressure and that caused me to seize. This also caused my babies heart to stop beating. They did an emergency C-Section to save her and she survived. the pain after i woke up was horrific! i could not even move! she was 6 weeks early and i had hardly anything ready!!! and her baby shower was suppose to be in two weeks. Because she was early she had not mastered the suck swallow breath technique so she was sent to the hospital in Columbia SC where she was given Lipids and vitamins straight into her veins. while she was there i was suppose to be resting but instead i was getting things at home ready for her arrival! i had been in a strong amount of pain but i didn't pay it any mind because i thought it may have been cycle pains. it turned out to be internal bleeding form my incision site. i found out after my stitches busted apart. after spending 2 days in the Hospital i was released with a wound vac! the nurse didn't come and change my dressing for 4 whole days and when she did i was in so much pain. it was excruciating! i would hand sawed off! i only kept it on for 2 weeks. i ate a lot of protein and drunk a protein shake every day! but now i need to get rid of this scar... any advice?
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