left side abdominal pain?? SingleMommyTo2 Due February 23 (girl); 2 kids; Palatine, Illinois 184 posts
Mar 15th '08

so i got up this morning and since about 8:30am i have had a piercing pain in my lower left side. it gets worse if i walk, bend or move at all and doesn't subside. i called my doctor and they said it could be ligament pain, but it isn't going away and i didn't have any pain like this with my first baby. i am 18 weeks and wondering if anyone has any input. they said to go to the e.r. if it worsens, but i hate the e.r. i took tylenol, no help!!

Kacey* Ryleighs Mommy 1 child; Salem, Ohio 1144 posts
Mar 15th '08

I had that pain a lot too. try laying down thats what my doctor told me to do. But then again they also told me it was round ligament pain from your muscles stretching. If it does get worse though you should definitely go to the ER you might hate it but you have to do a lot of things you hate doing while being pregnant. anything that makes sure your baby doing ok is something worth doing.

Unashamed 3 kids; Decatur, IL, United States 2613 posts
Mar 15th '08

Sounds like ligament pain. Honestly there is much you can do to "fix" it. I tried stretching each morning and getting out bed and chairs slowly. Mine went away but occasionally I get a small dose.

SingleMommyTo2 Due February 23 (girl); 2 kids; Palatine, Illinois 184 posts
Mar 15th '08
Quoting Kacey Denae:
Angela ~ MommaDuby 33 kids; Texas 1870 posts
Mar 15th '08

I had the same thing while pregnant and up until a few weeks ago, and my doc said he thinks it's from my bowels. It was always just on my left side, and he told me that he thinks that's what it's from.. I don't know why, but that's what he said. I went home just entertaining the idea and took some pepto, and I swear to you, I haven't had it since! I'm not saying that's what you have, but it was an easy fix for my 8 months of pain.

Soya! 1 child; Texas 6759 posts
Mar 15th '08

I've had those exact same pains, too. At first I thought it was my apendix or an ulcer and went to the ER. I was in tears because it hurt so bad. Found out that I was pregnant and I had asked the doctor what was up with the intense pain. He told me they were just ligaments moving and stretching. They did check me just in case I had an eptopic pregnancy due to the whereit was hurting.

Briiiii 17 kids; California 8730 posts
Mar 15th '08

round ligament pain. . . wait until you really start to grow
my uterus feels like its being torn in half right now :(

*Mrs Cherry* 21 kids; Colorado Springs, Colorado 10450 posts
Mar 15th '08

If you still have it tomorrow I would make an appointment to have your doc check you to be on the safe side. It could be the normal round ligament pain that tortures all of us or it could be something more serious like a kidney infection or your appendix. I hope for your sake it is only your ligaments but wish you the best of luck either way! You could try soaking in an epsom salt bath and maybe a heating pad set on low to help with the pain. Something I always wondered but always forgot to ask my doc is if you can use a sports muscle creme (like bengay or icey hot) while you are pregnant. Does anyone know?

Naehas1luv Rhode Island 1 posts
Jun 17th '08

i am 36 weeks pregnant and i have the same issue, i am going to the Doctors today because its to the point i cannot walk no more and i just feel like crying! and its only on my left side, and it hurts more when i walk, i am unable to just "lay down" or "relax" since i have a 2 year old. but i will keep you inform of what they say! :?

stephanie21 Australia 1 posts
Dec 25th '09

Hey there I have been getting pains on my left had side to and have been thinking it i have a stomach ulcer and or maybe appendicitis but my friend thinks im pregnant . Its it comment to only get a pain on your left side when you are pregnant?

Mrs. Hunt 2010 Due January 30; Japan 1 posts
May 27th '12

Hey there everybody. I am a PA (Physician Assistant). I am currently pregnant also and am having the same pain. It is likely round ligament stretching. It is most likely not anybody's appendix unless they have a condition called situs inverses (when the organs are on the opposite side of the body than normal) because the appendix is usually in the right lower quadrant, no the left lower quadrant.