Bleeding, ultrasound looks good? Ashley Vinet Due March 18 (boy); 2 kids; New Brunswick 482 posts
Sep 20th '11

I have two boys and had very healthy pregnancies, so I dont know much about miscarriages or causes of bleeding and could use some advice.

Ive been spotting a couple times a week since 11 weeks, Im now 14 weeks. I went to the hospital and they took my blood and urine, and said the ultrasound looked great and the baby couldnt look better. I have an appointment with a specialist but thats not until next week. The spotting is NOT after sex or an exam, it either happens randomly and almost every time after I have a bowel movement. Its not enough that I need pads, just when I wipe, but it is bright red.

Has anyone experienced this? Its so stressful and upsetting.

Jasify Due September 2; 2 kids; South Carolina 31243 posts
Sep 20th '11

are you sure it's coming from your vagina and not your anus?

VaginaModel Due April 21 (boy); 50 kids; Tennessee 2209 posts
Sep 20th '11

Are you sure it isn't coming from your rectum? Straining can cause bleeding and honestly sounds like that may be the case

Tabithia Due November 23 (girl); Tennessee 346 posts
Sep 20th '11

If they checked the u/s and said everything was perfect it sounds like you may have a small rip in your placenta. That's what happened to me, just keep your OB posted on it. The fact that it's not even enough to need a pad is encouraging!

Ashley Vinet Due March 18 (boy); 2 kids; New Brunswick 482 posts
Sep 20th '11

POSITIVE of where its coming from. 100%.

Stacie Dirth Due December 30; 3 kids; New Hampshire 42 posts
Sep 20th '11

I started spotting at 16 weeks and stopped at 18 1/2 weeks. I am now 25 weeks and everything is just fine. It did scare me though, I have a history of miscarriage and early births!

Stiny Baby on the Way 32 kids; Wisconsin 13 posts
Sep 20th '11

I miscarried my first pregnancy and I had spotting and cramping for 2 weeks. But by the sounds of what your going though and what my doctors have told me bleeding during your first trimester and even into your second sometimes is common, but its not good when it is associated with cramping. I think since you are past the 3 month mark and all your test came back normal, you should be good. Just keep your OB updated.

Melisa Schanus Due November 2 (girl); 19 kids; Prescott, Wisconsin 38 posts
Sep 20th '11

I had bleeding too for almost 2 weeks my ultrasounds also looked great they determined that it was a small hematoma ( not sure how to spell it ) on the back side of the placenta once it was gone the bleeding stop and everything was fine I had that with my last pregnancy and my current. If you are not soaking pads thats a good thing dont stress out to much. Good Luck

We love our *lily bear* Due December 8 (girl); 1 child; New Mexico 20 posts
Sep 20th '11

I had some bleeding that I thought was my baby, but it was a hemorrhoid. Like the others said, try to determine where its from.