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Mar 9th '08

My precious baby died on the 5th of March 08. My due date was to be 10th September 08.I have never been so devastated, Lost, confused ect.
I just dont understand why this can happen. If anyone can share this horrible experience with me that would be great, i just really dont know how to handle it. But for the others that do not understand what anencephaly is, it is a neural defect that causes the brain not to form which is eventually fatal. It happens between the 23rd and 26th day of your pregnancy. There are no known causes. But they think that one may be not enough folic acid in the mothers diet. But in my case i did everything correctly and it still happened. The doctors say its just pure bad luck. Its just so hard to comprehend when a doctor tells you that you are carrying a anencephalic child. especailly never hereing about it before being so rare and all. it happens to 1 in every 1000 babys. and supposebly most miscarry before even knowing. All i can say is i miss my dear baby oh so muchi have no idea of the sex but i really feel in my heart that it was a girl. i just hope and pray that i am right.I also dedicate the song Angel by sarah Mclachlanto her. she will be in my heart forever farewell precious girl.

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Mar 9th '08
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Mar 9th '08

That's so sad,I'm soso sorry.

HelloKimmie Due November 8; 17 kids; California 2181 posts
Mar 9th '08

I am so sorry for you loss, if you ever need someone to talk to you, we're always here to listen.

Wishing you the best, I'll be praying for you and your family.

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Mar 9th '08

Im so sorry for your loss... I will keep you and your family in my thoughts!

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Mar 10th '08

i'm sorry for your loss sweety, i've heard of what your baby had but never had to deal with it,, if you ever want to talk i'm here for you... i don't know much but i'm a good listener .. you and your lil angel are in my thoughts and prayers

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Mar 11th '08

I am so sorry. I'm currently due on 9/19. I learned last week that my baby has anencephaly with acrania (she's missing her cranium or skull bone and has no covering over her brain). They are currently running some tests to see if I'm resistant to processing folic acid (I also took my vitamins religeously - like you). I know just how you feel - and believe me it sucks to be able to say that - I wish I didn't. We are going in for a termination on Friday as there is no chance that she will live more than a few hours after birth. The thought of watching my precious baby die in my arms is the only thing worse than what we're currently going through. You have my deepest condolenses. Please let me know if you'd like to talk.

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Mar 12th '08

Thankyou to everyone for your thoughts, prayers and support. Its just good to know that i can talk to someone other then my family.
Thanks again. Chantel

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Mar 12th '08

I am so sorry for your loss. I know how hard it can be especially with the rare things that can happen with no apparent cause. I am here if you need to talk.

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Aug 21st '08

I know this is an old thread, but.

Also there is another mommy on this forum some where that had a baby with the same condition.

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Sep 1st '08

I am truly sorry to here of your lost a few months ago. I am writing to you because I wanted you to know that I understand what it is you are going through. My birthday is March 5th and I found it painfully ironic that the day you suffered your loss, I celebrated my birthday with an emptiness for the one that had left me.
I am a mother of three beautiful children. In November 2005 I found out that I was expecting. This was a planned effort because just a year earlier I had suffered a very painful miscarriage. My husband and I were very excited about what was going to be. We were seeing a very renowned doctor and everything seemed to be falling into place. All the anxieties and fears about what had happened the year before seemed to disappear as month after month, ultrasounds confirmed that we were the parents of a healthy baby. At my three month check up and ultrasound we were delighted to find that our beautiful baby was a boy. We were finally able to go out and buy clothes and things that were gender specific in preparation for our little

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May 17th '10
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Mar 2nd '11

My daughter also had anencephaly she was stillborn May 13th 2009