tips to get a stubborn toddler to take medicine hotmama08 2 kids; Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania 400 posts
Mar 3rd '08

Ok so Monday which was only a half hr ago, I had to take my daughter to the ER because she was crying and complaining about her ear hurting, they said she has a n ear infection and gave a prescription for antibiotics. My daughter hates any type of medicine, sometime last year she had an ear infection and they were going to give her a dose there so it could start working, three nurses tried to get her to drink it they couldn't then they got their top nurse that has not failed to get kids to drink their medicine. This nurse tried every technique possible; holding her nose , blowing in her face, etc, and she failed. She was so shocked she said my daughter was the first child that she couldn't get to drink their medicine. So as you can see it's even more harder for me. I tried putting it in juice( 2 differen kinds), chocolate milk, by force with the syringe, she just spit it back up, it's like she holds it in her throat. I tried telling her it 's gonna keep hurting if she doesn't take it and she'll have to go back to the dr's, that didn't work. Ne way I'm so frusrated and don't know any other way. So if ne one has ideas,please help.

Just J&N 1 child; Oklahoma 1291 posts
Mar 3rd '08

threaten her with whatever you can her favorite toy tv time anything that if she doesnt take it she will not get whatever it is she loves most and wont get it back for how much ever time she has been refusing to take it and if she takes it this time but trys to pull it again take it away again and something else and dont give it back for that day

Mrs.Z (Jaci) Due July 8; 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Wisconsin 5746 posts
Mar 3rd '08

What about milk shakes with cotton candy flavored ice cream? I know the medicines usually have flavors in them, the odd flavor ice cream would conceal it.

Nut ღ Meg Beverly Hills, CA, United States 40262 posts
Mar 3rd '08

Never really had this problem - but mix the liquid medicine in with a tiny bit of apple sauce or yogurt.. something she likes?

FriendsOffBitch Calgary, Alberta 6867 posts
Mar 3rd '08

Hahaha, I hope this doesn't come off the wrong way... but good luck with that!

My son REFUSED medication as a toddler... it took three nurses to give it to him in the hospital, when he was two. At home I had to force it in him with a syringe... only way we could get it down. And I dreaded every second of it. Nothing worked, he would have given up anything to not have to take it.. Ugh.. I feel bad just thinking about it...

He's much better now though, he takes it like a champ!

Sorry I'm sure this didn't help much..

Devil Duckie 3 kids; New York 48700 posts
Mar 4th '08

I wonder what they gave her.

My son actually begged for his ear infections meds. He thought they were candy and he could have them any time he wanted. He had to hide them in the fridge because, he'd go get it out and ask for some.

viena 3 kids; London, United Kingdom 2556 posts
Mar 4th '08

try a syringe and squirt it bit by bit down the sides of the cheeks, that way they cant taste it that much...

sara08852 1 child; New Jersey 47 posts
Mar 4th '08

How about mixing it with strawberry yogurt.

mommybrain~TOG 3 kids; Ohio 9163 posts
Mar 4th '08

I have never tried this, but it's worth a shot! Make her jello "shots." Mix a jello packet and put it intoan ice tray or some dixie cups. Once the jello is in the tray, add the dosage of medicine to each compartment and refrigerate until set. Each time she is supposed to take the meds, giver her one jello square. You could even make extra jello so she can have more than just the medicated square. Good luck momma!

brianamarie21 2 kids; Minnesota 5409 posts
Mar 4th '08

my daughter is the same. She is 4 now and i just threaten to take her back to the hospital which works great. When she was under 2 i would bite the syringe in my mouth run up behind quickly pick her up and lay her on her back squirt it in and blow in her face. Worked everytime for me.

official xbox smasher 18 kids; El Paso, Texas 70400 posts
Mar 5th '08

My 3 year old hates taking medicine. Luckily she is healthy so she is hardly sick.

Brittanyxoxo 3 kids; Utah 21 posts
Mar 6th '08

I found that letting them drink it out of a little cup instead of me giving it to them through the syringe worked big time. (You can still measure it in the syringe and then squirt it into a little cup) This way they feel like they're in control.

HarleyQuinn 2 kids; Kansas 30042 posts
Mar 6th '08

i'm sorry i dont have any thing to give you. Seth always took his medicine.

good luck though!

Sippy Sure South Carolina 1 posts
Feb 6th '11

Sippy Sure

Shauna The Dead 1 child; 1 angel baby; ., KY, United States 1902 posts
Feb 7th '11

How old is she? If she's old enough...I know this is a bad thing to do, but I do it anyway! It's the only way I know how... I bribe my daughter into taking medicine. Luckily usually the only medicine she needs is gas medicine and she loves the taste of it. But if she has to take benadryl, tylenol or antibiotics or something like that, she hates it and I have to bribe her. I'll say "Take your medicine and I'll read you any book you want me to" or "Take your medicine and then we'll watch this certain movie or tv show" or "Take your medicine and we'll play this toy or this game", etc...and I make it sound as exciting as possible. Eventually something will work out(for my daughter anyway). You may also be able to mix the medicine(if the bottle or if the dr. says its ok) with a certain drink, like in her milk or juice or something...if you know for sure she'll drink all of it. I used to do the gas medicine in my daughter's formula when she was an infant, and I've done other medicines in the past too.