Outside photo shoot for 3 year old boy, outfit idea HELP!!?? TristanPhoenixMommy 1 child; Hartselle, Alabama 395 posts
Aug 3rd '11

I am having an Outside Photoshoot taken in a few days. Photos will be mostly of my Son who is 2 1/2. Some will be of both he & I.

Photos will be taken in the evening. Most pix will be around trees/grass etc I would like to have a few (3-4) different looks/outfits for him.

Question(s): What would type outfits would you suggest for him?
Also.. Would you bring props to incorporate in pix?

A few thoughts I had were:
* Classic- White shirt/tan shorts/pants
* Overalls/ no shirt or shoes
& thats as far as I have gotten..... boring I know....

Any of you that have any professional photos taken or have ideas or pix to share. Thanks!!

momto1stepto2 3 kids; 3 angel babies; Martinsville, Illinois 11347 posts
Aug 3rd '11

a pair of jeans shorts and nothing else bare foot

bandana on his head

do a outdoories theme with a fishing pole with bibs on