Being pregnant on Dialysis!!!! Xxsamyoxx Due January 7 (boy); 1 child; California 22 posts
Jul 13th '11

Has anyone ever known anyone on dialysis & still had a healthy baby??

I Stab People 3 kids; Zambia 6604 posts
Jul 13th '11

We had a pt on dialysis have a baby... she had to dialyze 6 days a week. Its really not to safe for the baby or mother unfortunatly. Usually when yor kidneys fail you become infertile tho

Xxsamyoxx Due January 7 (boy); 1 child; California 22 posts
Jul 13th '11

Wow 6 days a week..I'm going for 4 right now. My dr said I need to start 5 days soon & then further along the pregnancy Ill have to go 6. How far along was she when she started 6 days a week?

I Stab People 3 kids; Zambia 6604 posts
Jul 13th '11

she was only about 10 weeks on she did 3h30m every day except sunday of course.. the baby was delivered at term, unfortunatly the mother died of complications not soon after.

how long have you been on dialysis and what was the reasons your kidneys failed? do you have a fistula or cath? i would reccomened starting 5 asap depending on your labs, even with dialysis your kidney function is only estimated to be about 15% depending on your kt/v numbers, and elevated toxin levels are very bad for babies developing brain and other organs.

i should add, the mother was very non complient and she died moreso due to diabetic complications than d/t pregnancy issues

Xxsamyoxx Due January 7 (boy); 1 child; California 22 posts
Jul 13th '11

well im about 15 weeks and my dr still has me on 4 days 3 1/12 hours..but i been reading about dialysis patients & i asked to be 5 days a week now. I dont want anything to happen to the baby so ill do whatever it takes.
.My kidneys failed in 2005. I was 19 years old & the reason is unknown. Im not diabetic or have high blood pressure or did drugs or drank. No body in my family has any medical problems. It was a complete shock to me and my family. I ended up getting a transplant in 2006 & it lasted 4 years & rejected last year. So ive been on dialysis ever since then. I have a graft in my arm. What are good KT/V numbers??

I Stab People 3 kids; Zambia 6604 posts
Jul 13th '11

The more you dialyze, the better for baby. i know it sucks going 5 or 6 times a week, but if it keeps your baby healthy im sure youd be glad to do it ;)

another really hard thing about being on dialysis and pregnant is getting enough/not to much fluid removal. if you could keep a journal of your fluid intake and tell your tech and nurse how much YOU think your up in fluid, as well as what your weight and the swelling shows, it will be easier to keep you at a dry weight. dehydration and cramps are of course very bad when your pregnant (and actually any time lol).

a good KT/V is usually 1.4 or higher, but id really aim for at least a 2.0 for pregnancy. it should be on your monthy labs.

also if your urinating at all, that can help keep your fluid level more balanced and your BP within limits. is your BP normally good now?

if you have any other questions/concerns that you dont wanna voice in the thread feel free to PM me :) ive been in dialysis over 3 years now, since i was a new grad, and its practically my life LOL

Xxsamyoxx Due January 7 (boy); 1 child; California 22 posts
Jul 13th '11

Thanks so much..i feel so scared with all of this. I never wanted to get pregnant on dialysis. I honestly thought i couldnt. But it happened, so GOD has a plan.
Yea about the fluid SOOO thirsty all the time. I rarely get swollen so im doing a good job with it. Ill start a journal..also whats really hard is "eating right" i dont even know what eating right is. haha I cant eat much fruit but ppl say i need fruits and veggies. Its so confusing at times.
I just had my monthly labs done and KT/V was good as it always is...but im going to start 5 days soon. As for my blood pressure..I have had high BP ever since my transplant. Im on a few meds for it.

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Jul 13th '11

yeah unfortunatly high BP can make you thirsty, and then you drink, and then the extra fluid makes your BP high, so its a vicious cycle.

how high is your BP normally? the only thing i can tell you to do with that is watch your fluid and your salt intake, are you on a water pill? some times that helps as well, but other than that its due to your kidneys failing (kidneys produce a hormone to keep your bp in check, as they fail-- and im guessing you still have a little function if its still affecting you-- your BP increases) and the only thing you can try is a different medication combo.

for fruits, i know grapes are a safe food, and if you freeze them it can help alot with being thirsty. the dietician should have a list of foods that are safe and those that are not, if your craving ice cream, id say to have it, just take extra binders with it :) watch your pottasium tho, because that is very bad for you and baby. no bananas, or orange juice or tomatoes/sauce/ anything like that of course.

good luck with your baby! i would really increase your dialysis to 5x a week as soon as possible. sadly i bet your doctor didnt think the pregnancy would continue and thats why he has not upped it yet, but the more dialysis the better, and know that it IS possible to have a healthy baby while your on dialysis-- it just takes some extra effort :)

Xxsamyoxx Due January 7 (boy); 1 child; California 22 posts
Jul 13th '11

Thank you for all your advice and info..i appriciate it!!

Misty Henderson Due January 16 (girl); 2 kids; Greenup, Kentucky 4 posts
Sep 21st '11

hello, I am on dialysis and 23 weeks pregant also. I found out that I was pregant and that I wass in renal failure at the same time. May 10th. I am due Jan 17 2012 but my doctors are going to take baby by c section at 28 weeks. I was on 3 days a week until 13 weeks then moved up to 6 by 17 weeks. I am also hospitalized and have been from the time I found out at 5 weeks. We have been thru alot already, ICU 10 days, 21 days of plasma exchange, 2 kidney biopsies, radical kidney removel of left kidney all by 10 weeks. I have had no pregancy problems and she continues to me growth and develment goals. We have alot of ultrasounds. I stick to the renal diet in the hospital the best I can. I do still eat things from the cafe but I make smarter choices. I have 5 weeks to go to have a healthy baby with a 95% survival. I have placed my heath and baby in Gods hands from the very beginning. I have 2 kids at home and could never have aboarded this on even for my health. The high risk doc told me this wass possiable and so far its been great. Besides I have been away from my family for all this time we know its not forever and in the end we get a new baby from god. If you would like to talk Im here and I love to talk. LOL

Sommer Robinson-combs Due August 17; Japan 3 posts
Jan 31st '12

I would like to know how everything went im on pd dialysis ? But im 12at weeks and uncomfortable so im thinking of going on hemp do u have any advice

Decembar29 1 child; Virginia 1 posts
May 4th '13

I would really love to hear the outcome to both of you , please post.

Tammy Strunk United States 1 posts
Jan 1st '14

I found out i had kidney failure when I was 4 months pregnant. I had to go to dialysis 6 days a week, the high risk clinic every 2 weeks and had to have an ultrasound every week and when it got close to the end of my pregnancy i had to go 2 times a week for the ultrasound and every week for the high risk son was in the nicu for 11 days. He has a very mild case of cerebral palsy but other than that he is pretty healthy.

Asal Asal Lebanon 5 posts
Jan 3rd '15

hello, im just wondering those who delivered their babies, are they healthy? im pregnant 2 weeks and starting dialysis very soon coz my filtration is 10%

Nicki Moroney United States 1 posts
Feb 17th '16

Hi All! 
   I am 25 weeks pregnant today with my second child(baby boy!). At my appointment today I was told we were going to start considering my having to go on dialysis. I would like some insight if possible from anyone who is on dialysis while pregnant and maybe anything who started later on in the pregnancy? I am right on the cusp of whether to start or not, so the dr order another growth scan for 3 weeks, and I am to do a 24 hr urine collection and more blood work and then they will make a decision. TIA