queefing??? MsJennyB 2 kids; Texas 366 posts
Jul 9th '11

Alright... so this is embarrassing but it happened and I'm confused.

YES. I know what a queef is... that's not the question.

BUT I'm 38 weeks pregnant and last night I was just chillin laying in bad trying to fall asleep and when I rolled over.... my vagina went queef crazy!? I have no idea why it happened... I haven't had sex... I wasn't doing anything freaky to myself (ha.).... I wasn't in any kind of strange position that I would magically get air in there. It kinda freaked me out.. and it was so loud it almost woke my husband up. :shock: LOL I've only ever even queefed during sex like 3 times my whole life... so IDK why it happened.

Has anyone had this happen to them? What do you think caused it? It's something I really don't want to be doing everyday if this is just a pregnancy kinda thing.... I was mortified.

Ashley Vandenbrink Due February 2 (boy); 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Clayton, Wisconsin 778 posts
Jul 9th '11

Oh my i had to giggle at this but yes its happened to me so you are not alone and well there is no explanation maybe??