Ashden Brawner Due July 16 (boy); Tennessee 5 posts
Jul 1st '11

im due the 17th of july i concieved on the 18th of october but i think im farther along cause they gave me three due dates an then stuck with this one my first due date was july 22 then july 12 then july 17th so idk im already haveing contractions this is my first so i could go early but i think they should have kept my due date for the 12th

dadsgirlforever14 Due July 7 (boy); Kentucky 8 posts
Jul 1st '11

i have same due date and we concieved october 15 says the dr!!

our little crowe 2 kids; Cherokee, North Carolina 1281 posts
Jul 2nd '11
Quoting Babypeachlove:" I'm just bored here... Trying to find out which day I conceived mine. Anybody have same due date as me know when?"

october 15th or so?

Gage's Mumma 7.20.11 1 child; Massachusetts 164 posts
Jul 4th '11

I am due July 22nd and conceived October 25th. :D

Lynn Hill Due July 23 (girl); 1 child; Cary, North Carolina 1 posts
Jul 5th '11

I conceived on or around Halloween and the due date is July 24...however I'm having a c-section on the 8th

Alison22 Due July 18 (boy); 1 child; Lansing, Michigan 13 posts
Jul 5th '11

i conceived on oct 26th and im due july 19th

user banned Texas 246 posts
Jul 5th '11

Im Due July 12th,Im pretty sure i conceived around the 7th of October,so maybe the beginning of October for you. Not sure :)

user banned Texas 246 posts
Jul 5th '11
Quoting D[♥]D39Weeks:" Im Due July 12th,Im pretty sure i conceived around the 7th of October,so maybe the beginning of October for you. Not sure :)"

Oooppps i read your due date wrong!

proud mom of 3 and soon t Due July 24 (girl); 3 kids; Benton Harbor, Michigan 25 posts
Jul 5th '11
Quoting alyssa is cool.:" Well, I was due July 26 and conceived at the very beginning of November."


Sebana Angle Due July 3; Tennessee 2 posts
Jul 5th '11

I was due July 4th ( still pregnant ), and I conceived on my birthday October 9th. The Dr told me sperm can live inside of you for a couple days. Your due date is calculated from your last menstrual cycle but it still can change when you get an ultrasound with the predicted measurements of the baby. When I had my first u/s it said my little boy was measuring to be due July 7th. Technology has its flaws though, but so do drs. I was told I would give birth 2 weeks ago but here I am, still pregnant and almost 2 days overdue:( hopefully soon though...

Emily'sMama♥ 1 child; New York 452 posts
Jul 6th '11

i conceived around November 5th & i am due july 28th

Michellaaaa United Kingdom 1 posts
Jan 13th '14

Hi I'm hoping someone can help me figure out the most ACCURATE date I conceived please.

My LMP was 2nd oct 2013 I know for a fact as I wrote it on my calendar to the 6th Oct 2013
i slept with my now partner on the 11th 12th and 13th oct 2013. And again on the 18th 19th 20th of oct 2013. We already have a 3 year old son together, unfortunately and so stupid of me I slept with an ex on the 28th of Oct 2013. I can't put into words how much I regret it but me and my partner were not together.

I found out out I was pregnant on the 27th of nov , I went for a ultrasound on the 7th jan 2014 and she gave me a due date of 15th July 2014 , but prior to that I have been trying to work out when I conceived with online calculators they gave me a due date of 9th July 2014 based on my LMP. Now I'm so confused because if I go by what the ultrasound says my period would of began on the 8th of oct 2013 which I know for certain it didn't , and it's confusing me as to who the father is, I can't sleep at night due to going on numerous amount of online calculators trying to work this out I haven't told my midwife because I'm embossed but my friend has persuaded me to as she is seeing what this is doing to me.

I really just just need to figure out for sure and rule out the ex

any help would be SO gratefully received x

Avonda Trader Due July 8; 2 kids; United States 5 posts
Jan 15th '14

I am due July 8 so got pregnant around 18th to 21th of October

RonniG Due July 19; 1 child; Plentywood, Montana 2036 posts
Jan 16th '14

My baby was conceived October 26th.. I'm absolutely sure of this.. I am due July 19th... It's really hard to say because it would but your conception around October 22nd... So i would say baby isn't your ex's.