Q-tip Sexy Mamma 1 child; Ohio 179 posts
Feb 22nd '08

Someone told me that diong the q-tip w/vasalinetrick on your baby will help w constipation is that true and if so then how do I do it correctly?

Jelly b**bs! Seattle, Washington 872 posts
Feb 22nd '08

I don't think that would work..

Try suppositories first.

JulieL FObama! Due September 13; 17 kids; Indiana 1653 posts
Feb 22nd '08

i have heard it can help and i would try it before medication like a suppository. im not sure how to do it "correctly" but i would probably just put it in a little bit and move it around? im not sure try and google it.

Vanessa & CJ TTC since Dec 2008; 33 kids; Ohio 2920 posts
Feb 22nd '08

I am the queen of this. CJ used to be constipated all the time. We've finally got it under control but we ocasionally have to use his thermometer with some vaseline (per his pedi's recommendation). If you're baby is old enough for juice you should try that diluted first.

Anyway, you just dip the thermometer in vaseline and insert it into the baby's bum like you would take their temperature, and just spin it a little bit. Babies have an automatic reflex to want to push it out. I just had to help CJ tonight this way. It worked wonders and now he's feeling great.

Edit: Make sure you tell your baby's pedi that there is a constipation issue. And remember that sometimes babies can go a few days without pooping and that's normal. It's when they have hard, pellet-like stools, that are sometimes drier is when it's constipation.

Aarohee 1 child; Pennsylvania 7737 posts
Feb 22nd '08

Ah! I have done this one. But i used a thermometer and vaseline.
You dipthe tip of the thermometer in the vaseline, have them on there back and grab there ankles. Make sure to have there feet. Hold them up in the air and put the thermomiter into there butt. Slowly till the skinny part in covered. And wait......
It does work. It takes a little bit, its gross, even give it a slight jiggle,but it really works.I had to do it for a month cause Averi's tract was sluggish and her poop was hard.

Hope it works for ya.

Sexy Mamma 1 child; Ohio 179 posts
Feb 22nd '08

thank you soo much, I hope it will work!