High White Blood Cell Count Ahh-fruh-kuh Due June 27; 1 child; Arkansas 164 posts
Feb 22nd '08

Anyone else have a baby that was born with an unusually high white blood cell count?

Rheyn's count was 50 thousand, while a normal newborn's is around 10 thousand. His blood work was sent all over the state but none of the doctors could figure out what made it so high. We stayed in the hospital with him for 10 days after he was born so he could get antibiotics for that time, to lower the count. After a few days the WBC count would drop a little, just to shoot back up again the next day. They've stopped taking his blood, now, though, since the last time they tested it seemed to be lowering at a regular rate (it was around 27 thousand at the last test).
During all of this, they found that one of his chromosomes is short & the genetic doctor at the Children's Hospital is studying it but hasn't discovered anything wrong with Rheyn or figured out why the chromosome is the way it is.

Any similar experiences, by any chance?

Nurselisa Loves Thomas 1 child; Cincinnati, Ohio 2047 posts
Feb 22nd '08

An elevated White Blood Cell (WBC) count is usually related to an infection. Were they ever able to find the source of the infection? Since they are giving him antibiotics and his WBCs went down, perhaps they just need to isolate the source so they can find a specific antibiotic to treat it. I am not sure about the chromosome disorder, I am sorry that I don't have much experience in that area.

EastonsMom TTC since Feb 2014; 1 child; Winston-Salem, North Carolina 31498 posts
Feb 22nd '08

My nephew had a really high WBC when he was born, but when he went for his 2 week appt it was going down. But then at his 2 months it was back up again.

The only thing they could find wrong with him was that he was anemic.... they thought he had an auto-immune difficiency but those tests came back negative. Have they tested your son for that?

Ahh-fruh-kuh Due June 27; 1 child; Arkansas 164 posts
Feb 22nd '08

When he was born & they discovered the high count they told us it was probably an infection and that's why they started the antibiotics. He was supposed to be on them for 3 days but in that amount of time, nothing changed so they upped it to 10 days.
Still, nothing changed & they couldn't find the source of the infection so they concluded that there was no infenction & started testing for things like leukemia, HIV, anemia, & they did a TORCH test - basically everything the local hospital pediatricians & those at the Children's Hospital in Little Rock could think of. Everything came back negative, though.
As far as anyone can tell, though, he's healthy, so hopefully the little problems he had at first won't arise again, in a bigger form!

Thanks for the replies!
It's nice to hear of other people with similar things going on and from people who have suggestions! :]

nikkijoy 1 child; Florida 13 posts
May 28th '08

HI, I am having the same problem with my daughter now. Is your baby now healthy? They can't find where the infection is. Her white blood count is at 30,000 and it should be at 10,000. I am really worried all tests done so far have been negative and she is on antibiotics for 10 days (she is on her third day today). Please let me know. Thanks in advance.

Summer lovin' 2 kids; Michigan 57412 posts
May 28th '08

I unfortunately don't have any input, I just wanted to tell you how cute Rheyn is and that I'll be praying for him

EastonsMom TTC since Feb 2014; 1 child; Winston-Salem, North Carolina 31498 posts
May 28th '08
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nikkijoy 1 child; Florida 13 posts
May 29th '08

OK, just so in case it happens to anyone else, what my daughter has is an inner ear infection. It is a bone in the back of her ear that is connected to her brain. It could be very bad if not treated with antibiotics. She will be on antibiotics for a total 14 days. Her white blood cell count is going down day by day with the IV antibiotics and hopefully she will be out of the hospital tomorrow and continue on oral antibiotics at home. I am glad is nothing worse and very happy knowing my daughter is much better. Hopethis can help someone in the future.

Andi♥Gavin 1 child; Kentucky 1217 posts
May 29th '08

My baby wasn't born with a high WBC, however, I have had my fair share of dealings with is my story if you want to read it:

izziesmommy New Jersey 1 posts
Jun 17th '08
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siumai New York 1 posts
Aug 3rd '08

My daughter is 7 days old. On first and second day, her white blood cell counts are 57,000 and 51,000. She's been on antibiotic for 7 days. On the fourth day, the count dropped to 26,000. Tests for infection and leukemia are negative. It got me worried after reading your postings.

Momma of two great boys!! Oklahoma 1 posts
Oct 28th '08

I have a six mo old boy who has had a fever and several colds over a three mo period. He has been on five different antibiotics and still the fever comes back two weeks after antibiotics. Friday we were called once again from daycare saying our son has a fever again. We asked our ped doctor to do some lab work and that is when we found out is WBC was 38,000. He had a fever of 103 around seven that night he started shaking bad and we rushed him to the closest ER. There they told us our best option is to take him to Childrens. When we got there they done labs and his WBC came back 40,000. My biggest fear was leukema. He was addmited and the doctors decided not to start antibiotics and see if this was viral. After three days in the hospital is WBC was down to 17,000 and the fever was gone. We have to wait on blood cultures and send off labs, but so far everything looks normal. Still no idea what caused it or if it will come back in two weeks. Very frustrating.

Texas Mama 09 Texas 1 posts
Nov 13th '09

Yes - we are having the same issues. His WBC has been 22000-29000 multiple times since he was a couple of months old. He's now 6 months. It is accompanied by high fever and sometimes mild ear infections. The doctors have ordered multiple tests and don't know why it's so high.
I'm interested to know if these babies have improved?

Fernandot25 New York 1 posts
Apr 9th '10

Hello there, just curious to see how your son is doing now... Has the high WBC went down and staying normal? Did the doctors told you what was the cause.
My son is 15 months and he has a 15,000 white blood counts but he looks healthy... the only thing is that he has been vomitting once almost every day for the past month. Im taking him to the hematology for his high white blood count investigation and to a gastro for his vomiting although has not vomit for the past 4 day which is good.

I really hope everything is well with your son now.

Emily Petitt Japan 1 posts
Apr 22nd '12

Ok, I live in Key West and my daughter was born 8lbs 12 oz, 3 hours before her due date. PERFECTLY HEALTHY. The test results came back 20,000 White blood cell count. I used my iphone and a white blood cell count around 20k was fine. I told them that, and added I wont put her on antibiotics until I speak to the pediatrician who ordered the antibiotics. The pediatrician called DCF on me before I ever met him. A nurse popped up and said "Ok, the white blood cell count is ok, but she has bands". There are two amazing websites on ABC or Absolute band count. It is an expensive series of lab work, and the websites reveal band count is not an accurate or closely accurate way to find infection. Its a part of an elaborate insurance scam. I was pressured by DCF threatening to take my daughter away that I gave into the heploc being placed that scratched her face up bloody. The 3 days of medicine plus an extra day just in case the "bands come back". I got her results back from Miami and they said she never had bands, and they could not understand why she was put on antibiotics. The pedicatrician added two more comments: 4 more OZ and I'd have to check her for gestational diabetes.... "Most doctors do a spinal tap on babies in her condition, your lucky!!" And "Most doctors dont go by bands, but I do". I am STILL under investigation! My first two children were born at St Barnards hospital Arkansas. This birth was at Lower Keys Medical Center, and I was cornered and told there were NO OTHER pediatricians to give me a second opinion. Insurance scam, Miami confirmed it!