Dana23 Due February 8; 1 child; Armed Forces Europe 12 posts
Jun 24th '11

Im due feb 12th, I have been feeling like a slug. Im expeting baby number 2 and very excited, we are hopeing for a boy we have a little girl that is four and she is so happy and cant wait.. congrats to all the new moms:)

Bridgid 1 child; Kildare, Ireland 157 posts
Jun 24th '11

hey ladies... I just found out today... im in serious shock!!! due 28th feb :) I havent had symptoms tired from wrk i taught and my stomach was a bit sick but taught i wasnt eating right ha!!!
this is our first baby and he/she is due the same month as our anniversary/valentines day and DB birthday... i have to wait until he gets home to tell him!!! :)

Kirstilala Due November 8; Arizona 68 posts
Jun 24th '11

Hi Ladies! I'm due February 24th!! :D My husband and I have TTC for 12.5 years! I'm soooo excited!! But also nervous as this is my first pregnancy and I'm 36 years old. I can't sleep but feel good other than that.

Jessika Bumgarner Due February 1; North Carolina 5 posts
Jun 24th '11

I'm due February 2, and I feel fantastic! I get nauseous every now and then and have some breast tenderness. I'm not complaining though! It's most definitely worth it<3 This is my first baby, and my husband and I are ecstatic! :) Good luck & congratulations to everyone!

Mandy Jarosh Due February 10 (girl); 2 kids; Pennsylvania 59 posts
Jun 25th '11

I am expecting baby #3 on Feb 11. I am a basket case. I am having difficulties dealing with my older children (2 yrs & 4 yrs). I feel like I am starting to loose weight already from being sick or not being able to eat. Babies are blessings, but pregnancy in hell.

es'mama Due January 30 (boy); 2 kids; Maryland 14 posts
Jun 25th '11

Hey Feb momma's! I'm due Feb 1st with my 3rd, I never had sickness with the first two and this one has been completly different, morning sickness that starts in the middle of the day and doesn't end until 10 at night! Breasts are so tender, and I'm pretty sure I'm ready for a bigger bra already, I'm also one of those people who finds out they're preggers and instantly has to wear different pants! I look like I'm farther than I am! no weight gain, just bigger.

[[ 'yakarii- ]] 2 kids; Salt Lake City, Utah 11 posts
Jun 25th '11

Hey Ladies (: Im due Feb. 20th... so excited its my second bby!! im hoping for a bby boy to have my little cuple! (: I havent started mornig sickness but my hubby has jajaj! im always sleepy and very tired and very very very EMOTIONAL! (:

knavigator Due February 17 (girl); New York 9 posts
Jun 25th '11

Im 6 weeks due about feb 17th, no morning sickness and im happy as hell!! my first pregnancy it started at 4wks until 19wks when i misscarried ( was a boy). Had HG, lost about 20lbs in the first 2 months. im hoping for a girl this time

KaraokeMommy Due February 27 (boy); 16 kids; Louisiana 381 posts
Jun 26th '11

Hi ladies...I'm expecting my 1st on February 10th, and couldn't be more excited. I want a girl, he wants a boy, but I'll just be happy with a healthy baby, regardless! :)

As far as symptoms go...hoo boy! Hormonal? Check. Sore b**bs? Check. Strange smells make me puke? Check. Tired ALL the time? Check. Cravings? Check (fried pickles and bananas...can you say preggo cliche??)

DSTBH (soon to be hubby, we're getting married in November) doesn't understand why I'm so moody, and I can't explain it, other than to say, "It's the pregnancy!"

Is anyone else finding their clothes too tight yet? My bras don't fit, and I can only fit into 1 pair of my pre-pregnancy jeans...looks like a trip to the maternity store is in my immediate future!

Kaimana Luvs Rush 1 child; Hawaii 556 posts
Jun 26th '11

Officially 8 weeks today!

Congrats to all the new mommies in the thread :)

oneproudmama 1 child; Pennsylvania 18 posts
Jun 26th '11

I'm due February 20th--ah! it's still sinking in! But we are so excited for our first!!

My main symptom right now is sheer exhaustion...I'm tired all the time!!

I also have sore breasts and constant trips to the bathroom--and a little nausea, but that seems to subside with spearmint gum.

I also feel really bloated...sweatpants and gym clothes are my new best friends.

Overall I'm just pretty ecstatic. :)

gretchin91 Due February 3; USA 1 posts
Jun 26th '11

I'm due Feb 4th..... morning sickness is a drag

*[A]ngel 1 child; Edmonton, Alberta 12 posts
Jun 26th '11

Congrats to everyone! Im due the 23 of Feb, iv been super tired and moody lol

Amanda Hendrickson Due February 7; Palmer, Alaska 2 posts
Jun 27th '11

According to my LMP i am due Feb. 8th! and to the U/S i am only 1-2 days off growth wise :) i have heard my babys heartbeat and it was the most amazing sound ever. this is my 2nd pregnancy. I lost my last baby in april due to M/C so i am keeping my fingers crossed! As for symptoms, i was really tired in the beginning and that has faded some but i still have my moments. and my breasts are so sore they hurt bad! and this gas... no one ever mentions all this gas lol i feel so bloated.

baby bleu Due February 28; New Mexico 39 posts
Jun 27th '11
Quoting Amanda Hendrickson:" According to my LMP i am due Feb. 8th! and to the U/S i am only 1-2 days off growth wise :) i have heard ... [snip!] ... my moments. and my breasts are so sore they hurt bad! and this gas... no one ever mentions all this gas lol i feel so bloated."

Your baby is due on my Bday :) I am not due until Feb 29th but already I'm exhausted, moody, and gassy BAD (and I'll admit it with you, LOL). It feels like I could power a hot air balloon. I have a little heartburn occasionally, my b**bs are just starting to hurt and so far only in Zumba. Oh and I'm crying like 10x a day... Does that last all 9 months?? My B/F will kill me by the time this is over if it does.