grapefruit seed extract while pregnant? Jennymomof3 Due February 13 (girl); Oregon 149 posts
Jun 18th '11

I am going to talk to my doctor about it but I don't see him for another 2 weeks.. I could call but I would rather have a face to face with him when he isn't busy.

anyways I don't really "suffer" from yeast infections. I had my first 6 months ago, and my second one last month. I also have my first case of BV 2 1/2 years ago (just discharge) and now I am currently getting rid of another one. I HATE IT!

I am taking probiotics (doctor said it was okay) and I was wondering about grapefruit seed extract also?

I switched my diet to eating really healthy, cut out sugar, processed foods, etc

but does anyone know from experince if grapefruit seed extract is safe to take? I'm 5-6 weeks.